What If? Mr. Bush Goes to Iran

After receiving what he felt to be “unfriendly treatmentâ€? at Columbia University, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmandinejad has decided to return the favor by extending an invitation to President Bush to speak at an Iranian university. Ahmandinejad, who has finished up his visit to New York, offered the invitation to show the world how much more respectful Iranian students are toward visiting dignitaries, as opposed to the United States where he was met with protests. President Bush, most likely and rightfully, declined the invitation.

Iran, under Ahmandinejad, is supplying weapons to Shiite militias in Iraq, wants Israel destroyed, denies the existence of the Holocaust, and has been defying the United Nations by enriching Uranium. If you add that the United States has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979, one can easily see that a trip to Iran would be suicide for the President.

It can be inferred Ahamandinejad only extended the invitation because he knew the President would decline, and he could use that to further his agenda to smear our country. But for a moment lets take a time out and think about what would happen if President Bush traveled to Iran? I certainly don’t see the President receiving the “friendly treatmentâ€? Ahamandinejad speaks so highly of. If anything there would be riots and assassination attempts. This is the same nation that allowed militant students to seize our embassy and hold 52 people hostage. Technically that’s an Act of War and Ahmadinejad was supposedly a part of it. What makes anyone think that Ahmadinejad would provide efficient security for our President? I certainly don’t, especially since he is providing aid to insurgents in Iraq.

Ahamadinejad spoke at Columbia for one reason: to make our country look bad. He knew that nothing would happen to him because of the high security the US and UN provide for diplomats. Bush would never get that treatment if he went to Iran, he’d have to rely on his own security. Ahmadinejad got a taste of American hospitality. People didn’t want him here yet we treated him like a king. Maybe he’ll think about that before he derides us in another one of his speeches…when Bush comes to Tehran.

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