The Daily Shocker: Attic Cash Stash

Man finds $100K in attic, ends up fighting cops, widow, demon inside him that says “f*** it all, move to Fiji and marry a hot Sweden chick.” (Sun Sentinel)

Damn! Teachers really are horny these days – do any of them have the decency to keep their cream-colored pantsuits from TJ Maxx on? (MSN News)

Baby’s first sleepover: a day care in Canada, like, totally forgot that a 3-year-old was inside, so they locked her in overnight. (Edmonton Sun)

When the Big Cheese teaches the Little Cheese, it’s turns out rotten. (Gawker)

“11 Things to Do When You’re in Traffic Gridlock” (SF Gate)

Jones Soda presents: Dirt and Sweat Soda. Seriously. (BusinessWeek)

Cocaine Nose Repair – An Enabler?
Cocaine Nose Repair – An Enabler?
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