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Cheap, Yet Effective Dating


You’re ass-broke and there’s a new ladyfriend who you are dying to impress. WTF do you do?

You could front and throw it all on the credit card but in the end you will get burnt. On a side note most students don’t have credit cards – and if you do I feel sad because in a few years you’re gonna be up to your eye-balls in debt.

Back to the point: you should be a creative stud and plan out a cheap, yet effective date.

See my list after the jump.

1. Get some frozen yogurt at your local TCBY. I think TCBY went out of business in 1997 but there must be a local ice cream place near your campus.

2. If you are lucky enough to live in a metro area you can get her boozed up at a free wine tasting event. Here you will seem refined and cultural… aka bangable.

3. Can’t afford a full course dinner at Applebee’s? #1 Get a job. #2 Take her out for coffee and crumpets. Kinda like getting TCBY but it’s informal and will give you a chance to sit down talk.

4. It’s fall so that means Pumpkin/Apple picking. Actually…even if you are the son of Ted Turner and you shit $100 bills for breakfast I’d still recommend picking vegetables in the fall cause it’s fun and brings you back to naaaaaaature.

5-11. And for the person with literally no money pull a Thurgood Jenkins from Half Baked and go for a walk or go to a free museum, fishing, planetariums, local theater, picnicing, build a snowman or go hunting for large game. (One time I caught an elk with my bare hands and she was real impressed.)

COED Writer