Peteuse: the Sexiest Farter on the Web

Sexy girls farting: it’s a myth that, once in a great while, is debunked by a crop-duster totally embarrassed by their flatulence – but not Peteuse, the sexiest farter on the web.

Peteuse, a 31-year-old hottie hailing from San Francisco, is a soon-to-be YouTube celebrity, known for her good looks and funny demeanor as much as her legendary air biscuits. The greatest asset Peteuse has in her favor is a total lack of slutty “porn sexiness” – this is just some radical girl who thinks farts are hilarious. While you can find her on the farting-fetish website GirlsGoneGross, that website seems to be more for bottom-feeding fetishists willing to shell over $20 to see scantily-clad (or naked) girls toot away. Our Peteuse is too good for that, I say.

The difference between Peteuse, our Patron Saint of Stinkers, and the other GirlsGoneGross gals is that she doesn’t toot for our pleasure – the pleasure is all hers. Her bio on YouTube explains:

“I started recording farts as a goof, and had no idea there are people who are turned on by it. I am still doing it as a goof and because farts have always been funny to me, but if you find yourself turned on, I guess that is okay with me! I like the variety of sounds a fart can make. I like to make big cranky rips, expansive airy floaters, hyper-verbal sighs that sound like words, ladylike puffs, quacking duck farts, all of them.

Me and my sister have been fart overachievers ever since we can remember. We used to record our farts onto a cassette tape with a boom box. We had this really good one, a whole 90 minute cassette of our farts. We would listen to it in the car with my dad on long trips and laugh our heads off. Once we went on a fishing trip and someone broke into our truck while we were on the lake. They stole a bunch of stuff including that great fart tape. I always wondered what they thought when they listened to that.”

Now that’s what I call keeping it real!

Reportedly Peteuse will be featured in an upcoming issue of hipster-rag Vice Magazine; one can hope they don’t treat her like some ironic, flash-in-the-flatulent pan. Even if so, no worries: her channel views are over 175,000 strong and going upwards. If all is right in the world Peteuse will conquer the “Most Viewed” circuit over types like the emo-tastic, annoying Chris Crocker.

(A quick aside: is Chris Crocker just another network-created “internet sensation” like Lonelygirl15 or Marie Digby? Discuss.)

You go Peteuse – let ’em rip. Let’s hope your well-deserved fame doesn’t slip between the cracks.

Go to Peteuse’s YouTube page for loads of vids showing her in action.

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