Colbie Caillat COED Interview

In March of 2006 Colbie was working at nail salon in her hometown of Malibu, CA and now she is #1 on the iTunes chart and #7 on the MySpace chart sandwiched between Sean Kingston and Plies.

While lounging around the house gearing up for her first ever appearances in London and Germany I got a chance to speak with Colbie Caillat, the 22 year old musical phenom who is giving the likes of 50 Cent, Kanye West and others a run for their money on the charts.

Tell us about your rise to fame.

“A year and a half ago my good friend made me a MySpace page. He uploaded a few of my songs and I would start to get friend requests and more plays everyday. It slowly started to grow, my friends would hear it add it to their page, then their friends would add it to their page and it spread outward. It was really cool because at that point I was able to respond to every one of my fans who would write me messages saying for example, ‘Oh my gosh your song means so much to me, its helping me through this relationship or there are things going on in my life and I put on your songs when I get home from work and it makes me feel better,’ and it’s very cool because I could get an actual reaction to the songs and see if people liked them or not.”

What are your emotions like before you go onstage? (Jacqueline)

“Most of the time I am nervous but lately when I’ve had my fan base in the crowd I have so much fun and now I’m really excited for the next show so I can interact with them.â€?

When did this transition take place?

“2 weeks ago! This whole time I’ve been terrified of going on stage. I had been doing the shows saying to myself ‘you have to go do it, so do it.’ But we had a choreographer come out on tour with me for a month and she really helped me grow as a performer. I guess I didn’t know what to do before so I would just stand there and she showed me that I could walk around and interact with the band members and the crowd. This gave me more confidence and made me feel more comfortable which allows me to have more fun.â€?

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What do you think about sharing music online?

“When I was younger I was doing that because I didn’t think it was a big deal. Even now I won’t just go buy an album after I hear the first single because I want to make sure there’s not just crap on the CD. So I will download the song and see what other songs they have on an album. If there are more than 3 or 4 good songs I will go buy the album because I know its worth buying and they deserve my support. So when I hear people downloaded my stuff I get it because I am a new artist.”

Do you have a plan to go Japan someday? (T)

“My album comes out in Japan in Jan. or Feb. so I’m gonna be there in Jan. doing shows.”

What’s your opinion on current artists out there today? (Kelly)

“I don’t really like all of the pop music but some of it is really fun to dance to.”

I’ve noticed, your lyrics are very touching – are they based on someone, or are they just lyrics you wrote randomly? (Jasmine)

“Well each song is different. Most of them are about someone but some of them just came out of me. But a song like “Bubbly” wasn’t about anyone.”

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? (Laura)

“Depending what’s going on in my life. It may be a relationship or my trying to overcome a fear. What ever is going on around me that is really effecting me emotionally that I need to release from myself.”

If you had to describe your music to someone that has never heard it, how would you describe it? (Valerie)

“Funny and optimistic music that can put you in a good mood. It’s acoustic pop that makes you feel like you are at the beach.”

If you were going to do a duet with anyone who would it be with? (Meghan)

“John Mayer and I’m also doing a duet with Jason Mraz for his new album.”

How did it come about that you and Jason Reeves started singing together? Will you be putting out an album together? (Nicole)

“We started playing together 2 years ago and were like brother and sister. Our voices blend well together and we feel comfortable writing songs together. And yes we will be releasing an album together. We have it kind of done but we don’t know when it will be coming out.”

What would be the “ultimate experience” of your music career? (Nat)

“Writing and recording a song with John Mayer. I want my songs to make people feel good and let people realize that we all go through the same things that you’re not alone. I just want to keep writing album that make people feel good.”

When writing your music, is it sporadic or do you set aside time to sit and write? (Julie)

“It’s definitely random. When ever I feel like I need to write a song but honestly more recently it’s when ever I have time that’s when I pick up my guitar and try to write something. It’s hard cause sometimes nothing is ready to come out so I need to let it build up again.”

Have you felt like you’ve matured or changed since writing this album? Your songs, especially “Battle” and “Older,” have absolutely matched an experience I went through and I feel that I have matured with your lyrics. (Caroline)

“Awww thank you! I’ve definitely matured since the album but all the songs have so much meaning because I’ll listen to the album every once in a while to remind myself of how we made it and everything I wrote about comes back but I’ve definitely grown up as a young woman.”

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