The Daily Shocker: Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter (otherwise known as “Daniel Radcliffe”) may be in negotiations to be Young James Bond in a film based on the Young Bond books by Charlie Higson. If it all pans out, Radcliffe will have the daunting task of playing a young adventurer out to defeat the forces of evil in an adaptation of a successful book. Here’s to not being pigeonholed! (JoBlo), a website dedicated to watching cheese mature, has become an internet phenom of sorts. They’ve created a Muenster! (Sorry, that was cheesy…sorry again) (

A U-Haul truck found filled to the gills with dogs, cats and birds (and their respective urine and fecal matter) is taken in by the Humane Society. Calls to Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe were not returned immediately. (Fox)

“A U.S. study suggests differing zests for beer might reveal more about alcohol’s effect on the brain than inherent differences in taste sensitivity.” Apparently, the researchers of this study have never tasted Schlitz. (ABC)

A poor kitty stuck in a tree for a week is saved…with the use of a high-pressured water hose. Keeping in mind that most cats hate water, one can only assume that the “poor kitty” would have rather died than be blasted with a metric-ton of H2o. (1010 Wins)

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