Marc Ecko Asks the Fans to Decide Fate of Barry Bonds’ #756 Home Run Ball

When a baseball legend breaks a historic record it’s standard for the memorabilia to go into private collection or more appropriately be donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Here, like priceless works of art, the piece of memorabilia will be kept in clean room like conditions in order to maintain the integrity and value while showcasing it to the public.

Marc Ecko, the NYC clothing designer has a new unconventional plan for a recent historic baseball that is shrouded in controversy. Last week Ecko purchased Barry Bonds #756 home run for a cool $750,000 and has left it up to public vote to see what he should do with the ball.

Option One: Donate it.. as is to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Option Two: Brand it with an asterisk and donate it to the Hall of Fame.

Option Three: Put it on a rocket and blast it into space.

“I wanted the ball to democratize the ball and to give the ball to the people, to give the ball to America,â€? Ecko told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer during an exclusive interview Monday.

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