How Not to be the Class Wallflower

Alright, what the hell, you’re in this four-hundred person lecture and just your luck, you can’t spot a single familiar face. Now what?

Spend the rest of the semester in studying solitude? Stalk a TA to answer all your simple assignment questions? Maybe you’ll just skip every class and hope your professor puts the notes online.

OR, you could grow some balls and MAKE some friends. Doesn’t class go by a lot quicker when there’s someone you can pass notes to during?

It does, trust me.

So sure, it’s a little intimidating when there’s more people in your Philosophy lecture hall than there were in your graduating senior class of high school, but don’t worry, a bunch of the kids around you are looking for someone to strike up a conversation with as well. It’s really quite easy:

Ask questions.
From ‘Do you have any idea what Professor Sherman is talking about?’ to something as simple as, ‘Can I borrow a pen?’. Simply asking a question can kickstart a classroom friendship made in heaven. How else are you going to make study groups and pass the class? Or even better, get an invite to that kickass Sorority Mixer this Saturday.

Take advantage of the sobriety.
How many times have you woken up after Friday’s boozefest and tried to remember the name of that incredible girl you met by the keg? College parties can be the best and the worst place to make new friends, but mostly the worst. In class, you have the advantage of actually getting to know people, so when you do end up partying with them, you’ll actually remember their name the next day!

Be Approachable.
Don’t walk in, sit in an empty row, and put in your headphones until class begins. You are asking to be permanently ignored by all your classmates. If you’re looking to make new friends, sit down next to people, pull out your notebook, look around, and refer back to tips one and two.

You can do it!

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