The Daily Shocker: Good News in the News

Colin is Cla$$y: Back in 2003 Colin Ferrell got word of a female disc jockey offering $2000 to anybody who can bring him in for an interview. Not so naturally, Ferrell befriended a homeless man named “Stress” and brought him down to the radio station to collect the $2000. Even more unnatural was Colin reuniting with Stress recently, bringing him on a shopping spree, unloading an ATM full of cash and putting a down-payment on an apartment for the guy. (Toronto Sun)

Brit Hits the Skids: After her, uh…lackluster performance at the VMAs Britney Spears‘ single “Gimme More” stalls at #85 on the Billboard charts. (TMZ)

Upstanding Citizens Brigade: The Amish community, still shaken after last year’s West Nickel Mines Amish School massacre left five girls dead and five wounded, show compassion and give a large donation to the shooter’s widow. (Philadelphia Enquirer)

Dig It: After his tractor tipped over, pinning him underneath, 83-year old John Cockerham spent four hours digging his way out from certain death – with a pocketknife. (WCPO)

Blindsided: A teenager attempted to mug a 33-year old blind man in a Germany train station. Unfortunately for the teen, the guy was a world-class blind judo wrestler. (Stuff)

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