How Her Apartment Proves She’s Single and Unlaid

It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a guy is single from his apartment. You’ve got the typical underwear out in the open, ring around the bathtub, week old stubble discard in the sink, that odd “shoe and old clothes smellâ€?…I could go on, but it only gets grosser from here.

Most girls are well versed in the signs of The Bachelor Pad, but did you know you can tell if a girl is single and unlaid by her Bachelorette Pad?

Here are some of the signs (which I may or may not recognize):

• Piles of magazines everywhere, comprised of tons of pretentious ones that are clearly untouched and then severely thumbed-through Vogues and Luckys

• Slovenly heaps of little-used makeups in the bathroom

• Nair

• inspirational or “thinspirational” things on the fridge

And my personal favorite,

• Overflowing shoe rack and nothing in the fridge

Next time you’re up at a girls place look for these dead giveaways and others… How about underwear and bras hanging from the shower curtain? A vibrator within arm’s reach? Half-eaten ice cream cartons that are crumpled and melty because someone’s eaten them without the aid of a bowl?

Come on, girls – give us those dirty apartment secrets!

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