The Daily Shocker: Cupcakes, Larry Craig and a Children’s Army

Schools ban cupcakes in fear of promoting obesity. Next up: schools ban talking in fear of students having fun. (NY Times)

Sen. Larry Craig plans on resigning after recently issuing a statement on not resigning. He sounds confused…or REALLY, REALLY GAY! (Guardian)

“Kid Nation” to be one-upped by Fox’s “Kid Army,” a show that places chidren from ages 7 -15 in troops to complete missions using weapons. In related news: Dakota Fanning burns training bra in anti-war revolt. (BBspot)

The (internet) world is governed by “The Vetted,” a 13-strong group of cyber-commanders with the power to wipe out an IP address permanently. THE VETTED ARE GAY! (If CO-ED ceases to exist after that statement, you’ll know why.) (Foreign Policy)

Councilwoman in Florida will not face charges after her daughter was found covered in oil, clothes ripped. Some say exorcism, I say “sexorcism.” (WFTV)

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