The Art of “The Wink”

Winking at a lady has been lost in translation over the years. It is truly an art form, that if perfected, can open doors that many men consider unobtainable.

How do you bang out the perfect wink? How do you pick the proper prey? It’s gonna take practice, but sometimes you gotta do work, son.

There are a few do’s and don’ts that go hand in hand with winking. You don’t want to look like the d-bag that’s trying too hard. You gotta be Swayze.

Make sure you don’t “power squint.” This is the most common f**k up. Don’t open your mouth; girls won’t find this impressive. In no way, shape, or form point at the girl you’re winking at while power squinting and opening your mouth. Its gotta be easy, its gotta be smooth, its gotta be perfected.

The girl you’re doin’ work on has to be the one that you noticed noticing you. She’s gonna be your easiest girl, and if you caught the attention of a couple fillies, you might have to beat a few off with a stick.

The wink has to make you seem mischievous. It has to create a certain mystique that makes the lady want to smell what conditioner you use. Drop your eye lid and slightly as if you are simply doing it to add moisture to your eye. Only do it once if she sees you, you don’t wanna look like you have a disorder. Follow that wink with a smile. Watch her squirm.

The wink is very important in American culture. It is likely the move our fathers used to sweep our mothers off their feet back in the day. It is still efficient in the game today. If anything give it a shot. It could happen. Even to you.

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