Your Girl Doesn’t Respect You? Welcome to the Club!

Is your girl turning into a rude biatch? Maybe she’s not mean like our favorite angry black lady threatening to kill you with a hammer but generally pissed about one thing or another frequently. Many guys are in the same boat. You care about her but the whole situation is getting very frustrating. What are you to do? Play the tough guy and dump her ass? Be a wimp and stick with it hoping over time it will get better? Find a new girl?

Read on and you will realize that the whole world doesn’t revolve around your girl. Strategic action must be taken before the situation gets so out of hand that the relationship ends.

Read on after the jump and good luck with psycho Sally!

You think you have found the right person but they always seem to be upset about one thing or another. If you go to get coffee with your guy friends they jump all over you, if you don’t buy them just the right gift they tongue lash you and if they don’t like what you are saying they slam the phone down without worry. You are frustrated, angry and not really sure if you should continue the relationship.

You are divided on the issue because there are some good qualities she holds which are very nice and beneficial. Despite this it is just extremely difficult to deal with personality moods and rude behavior. You feel like she is taking advantage of you and doesn’t care what your opinions are. In other words, the whole world seems to revolve around her.

These types of relationships are not anything new. They are common in young relationships where people are not that invested with each other but can continue into marriage and the elder years. Therefore if you believe that this type of behavior will simply die down in an older age you are playing a craps game where the odds are against you.

The bad behavior may be a sign that she isn’t interested in the relationship anymore or that she has developed a “me” personality. In either case you should step up to the plate and refuse to allow the behavior to continue. You might ask, “How do you stop this behavior because if I put my foot down she will leave?” The answer is “let her leave!”

Before you can fix the problem in the relationship you have to learn to be confident not only with your self but also with your ability to find someone else to be with. Once you believe that you should be treated with respect then you can expect other people to treat you the same. First believe in yourself before you believe in others. Don’t be afraid to break up.

Sometimes women get rude because they don’t want the relationship anymore and aren’t afraid of losing it. They may still be afraid to hurt your feelings. Thus they feel trapped and take out their frustration on you. Since they don’t want to deal with their own problems they find you to be the convenient escape goat. Therefore if they treat you poorly don’t be afraid of losing the relationship either.

Other times women are interested in the relationship but have grown up so poorly that psychologically the world revolves around them. Therefore, they have yet learned that other people are worthy of respect and deserve to be themselves. If this is the case you might have a bigger problem then expected. Generally the problems are not fixed throughout a person’s lifetime.

The best route is to explain to them that being treated poorly hurts your feelings and because you care about them you don’t want it to damage your relationship. Let them know that you are considering breaking up with them if the problems continue. If they break up with you then your dilemma is solved because they weren’t interested in the relationship anyways. Typically they will become better for a little while and then revert back to their originally behavior. In such cases you should implement a cooling off period of a couple of weeks. If that doesn’t solve the problem let them go their own way and find someone new.

From “How to Handle Women that Don’t Respect You” by Mali74. Read all of Mali’s articles here.

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