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World’s Hottest Female Sports Reporters


I first saw this list of “World’s Hottest Female Sports Reporters” on and I loved it. Great pictures and hilarious commentary but the layout kills me. It’s all over the place so I decided to jazz it up a bit… you know add some galleries and such. Take a look at the orignal posting then read this one and decide for yourself what looks better.

Here it goes….

Today I would like to discuss one of the World’s Greatest Inventions… the Hot Female Sports Reporter.

REASON FOR INVENTION: To increase ratings. I mean, to provide up-to-the-minute sideline analysis of injuries, strategies, and mini-interviews... and to increase ratings. For the most part, these women are articulate and knowledgeable about sports. But for the most part, us men don’t care. Boobies! Boobies! Boobies!

First, I present to you, Erin Andrews:


Melissa Stark is really beautiful. Plus she likes sports.


NOTE TO GIRLS: Knowing sports is like, a super awesome bonus. It adds to your coolness. So does a knowledge of video games, gadgets, and professional wrestling.

NOTE TO GUYS: If a girl knows about ALL of those things, then give up. Because there is no woman on Earth who enjoys sports, video games, gadgets, professional wrestling AND the pen!s. She plays for the other team.

Next up, Suzy Kolber.

She’s not in the same league of hotness BUT… She gets super bonus points for being hit on by a drunk Joe Namath!

Namath was drunk and on National Television. (Always a great combination!) And he tells Ms. Kolber that he wants to kiss her. And just in case she — and the rest of America — didn’t hear him, he said it AGAIN!

Sloppy Seconds off a Hall of Fame Quarterback is worth bragging rights. “I got with the girl who got with Joe Namath!” It’s somehow both manly and gay at the same time.

Rachel Alexander Nichols

Ms. Nichols has beautiful skin. That’s important. So soft. Nice skin makes you want to cover a girl with kisses. Bad skin makes you want to cover a girl with a paper bag.

Ms. Nichols is not only hot, but she has the amazing ability to NOT BLINK for 30 minutes at a time. This leads me to conclude that Ms. Nichols is a robot. ESPN has run out of hot women who know about sports, so they are building them!

Every night they upload the latest stats and stories into her hard drive.

NOTE: Man, I would love to be guy who plugs into her little USB port!

NOTE TO SELF: Tee-hee-hee!

Bonnie Bernstein

Bonnie has a special place in my heart. Not because she is Jewish and from New York like me. But because she is a four-time Academic All-American in Gymnastics!

Just like me!

Just kidding. But gymnastic ability increases a girl’s hotness level by at least a point.

Next up, Jill Arrington.

She’s retired but I’m including her because I can. How’s that for a reason? And also because she is the only (as far as I know) Female Sports Reporter to actually pose all sexy-like for a magazine:Yowza! She’s trailer-trash hot! Yeah, doggy! She’s hotter than some Mac ‘n Cheese right outta the microwave! Yee-ha!

Now I will reward all of you REAL HogWild fans who have made it to the bottom of my article. I know I lost a few of you for “personal reasons” right from the first photo. But now I present to you an undiscovered treasure of Female Sports Reporting.

Ines Sainz is a Sports Reporter for TV Azteca. Once again, Mexican Television leads the way!


Mexican Television is far superior to American Television.EVERYTHING on Mexican TV features hot girls in skimpy outfits.

Game Show host? Hot chick.

Talk show host? Hot chick.

Medical Drama? Hot medical chicks.

Commercial for Life Insurance? Si, senorita!

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