‘Superbad’ review

The streak continues for Judd Apatow’s comedy crew. In Superbad, writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have take the signature raunchy wit of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up and let it lose on the high school sex comedy genre. While the “nerdy guys trying to get laidâ€? formula may seem well worn at this point, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera rip through line after line with awkward comic genius. From debating the best porn site to subscribe to so their parents don’t notice it on the bill to the merits of a breast reduction, this brilliant comic duo speaks with such conviction they might as well be debating politics. It has to be said that Michael Cera, who some may know as “George Michaelâ€? from the comic masterpiece Arrested Development, is the Marlon Brandow of the awkward teenager.

Cera and Hill play Seth and Evan, two high school students who never mastered whatever it means to be “cool.â€? Two weeks before graduation, they are coming to terms with the fact that they will not be going to college together, but more importantly, they might be going to college as virgins. When they are miraculously invited to a party by Seth’s longtime crush Jules, the two think it may be their last shot to get girlfriends (and laid) before they graduate.

Seth tells Jules he can get alcohol for the party, and the world is introduced to easily the greatest hero to come out of the summer of 2007: McLovin. Seth and Evan’s even geekier friend Fogell has procured himself possibly the worst fake ID ever laminated, on which the single name “McLovinâ€? is proudly emblazoned. This guy is so uncool, yet so naïve about it, he geeks through life like one bad ass mother f-er. Pale, skinny, and still squeaky-voiced, Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Fogell gives hope to every zit-faced nerd out there. Fogell will definitely be the guy who at the high school reunion that has the biggest bank account and the hottest wife.

As Fog—er… McLovin tries to buy the booze, he is decked in a robbery attempt at the liquor store. Cue the police, played by Seth Rogen and SNL’s Bill Hader. Thinking Fogell is being arrested, Seth and Evan take off in search of a new way to get alcohol. However, Fogell’s night is just beginning as the cops, thinking he is a total badass, take him along in the cruiser for a night on the town. Officers Slater and Micheals give the cops in Supertroopers a run for their money. They get drunk, run red lights, and have shoot-offs. It was nice to see Rogen playing something other than just a wise-ass fat guy.

Superbad is probably this decade’s American Pie or Can’t Hardly Wait. While it may not initially appeal to as wide an audience, everyone can relate to something in this film. It steers away from the high school movie clichés like pointing out all the cliques and sub-cliques. It makes you long for the days of running from the cops at a house party and having to scheme just to get beer. Also, possibly best of all, Superbad spares us all from instantly quotable lines that would otherwise end up on frat boys’ T-shirts or Facebook profiles. Just be prepared for your buddy to start calling himself McLovin.

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