Don’t Be Just Another Wimp!

The word wimp means, “a man that will surrender his self-pride for an opportunity get a woman into bed.” A wimps sole focus in life is a womens body. Melvin Polatnick tells us a wimp “will even exhaust himself cleaning a woman’s home for a sexual reward. Wimps are seen working long hours, and having two jobs, not for necessities, but to pay for the luxury items demanded by a high maintenance woman.” Being a wimp even has a negative effect on your business life as well because employers love hiring wimps. “Finding out who they are, is the special skill of the job interviewer who is desperately searching for a wimp to hire.”

So what kind of eff’d up women turn guys into wimps? “She is usually attractive and has been used to being treated very well. Every guy she meets throws all kinds of goodies at her, and if a man doesn’t show her a great time, she quickly gets rid of him.” Most normal men see right though the games and will dump the girl on her ass after too long allowing the wimps to move in like Jurassic Park raptors. The wimp “hangs around and accepts all kind of punishment for a taste of her body. Since there aren’t enough wimps available she makes him her main man.”

Here is a bit of advise for habitual wimps. In homage to the late great Jimmy V.. “Don’t give up, not all women will abuse and use you. If you are a guy with a decent job and are willing to take a woman out to dinner a few times a week, there is a good chance that you will meet a woman that will like you. She will even treat you to a night in her bedroom. If you are lucky and find that type of woman, you will not be a wimp, but a happy guy with a horny woman.”

So there you have it. Avoid falling into the wimp trap and if you spot a women that has the trates of a blood sucking wimp lover run thee other way. There are good girls out there.. you just need to start looking.

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