ESPN Who’s Now?: Michael Vick

Over the past few weeks, the hipsters at ESPN have been debating who the most ‘Now‘ athlete is in the world. Juggernauts in the world of trend, such as Mike Greenberg and Kevin James have voiced their arguments for the likes of David Beckham, Kelly Slater, and Reggie Bush all setting up the much anticipated championship on August 5th between Lebron James and Tiger Woods. The event promises to draw a bigger crowd than the Superbowl, more important than the moon landing and more entertaining than Jake Plummer’s mustache. Despite all of the hype, and the wave of excitement sweeping the nation, the execs up in Bristol left the most ‘Now’ athlete of the list of 32. As an established pro bowler in the NFL, and a rising star in the ranks of the UDFC (Ultimate Dog Fighting Championship), Michael Vick has shown he has what it takes to remain relevant in the national spotlight even after the season is over. Even with his team’s struggles on the field, Vick refused to relent in grabbing headlines. No other 7-9 QB has come even close to this type of exposure… where you at J.P. Losman? Where you at Alex Smith? You’re not fighting dogs, that’s for sure, or any animals for that matter.

In all of the debates about who is now, they keep bring up sponsorship and endorsement deals. I had no idea how many sponsors Vick had until they started dropping him. He is/was really popular!!!! In a statement released from Rawlings, the company said “(we are) disappointed about the charges brought against Mr. Vick for his alleged participation in a dogfighting operation,” the company said. “Dogfighting is illegal and entirely unacceptable to Rawlings.” Apparently throwing touchdowns, and electrifying jukes are also unacceptable to a company that I forget existed. Rawlings is definitely not ‘Now.’

Bottom line, Vick has been in the news more than any other sports sans Rod Beck, and once you’ve died you are no longer now. Tiger is the obvious favorite to take down LeBron, but one can only imagine the fun that August 5th would have been if Michael Vick were involved. He’s the Bo Jackson of our era, a star two sport athlete with a heart of gold.

The Beckham’s have arrived! So who cares?
The Beckham’s have arrived! So who cares?
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