Yet Another Comic-Con Report

Kevin Smith to direct Heroes spin off… and more!
Friday and Saturday pass at the San Diego Comic-Con. Already we’ve had the unveiling of the teaser trailer for “The Dark Knightâ€? and the casting of Spock in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trekâ€?, so what’s next? Here are a few more highlights.

At a panel dedicated to the TV show “Heroesâ€? fans didn’t just get a teaser for season two. They also learned that a spin off series is coming out called “Heroes: Origins.â€? But the biggest surprise of all is that the debut episode will be directed by none other then Kevin Smith, who was on hand to receive a standing ovation from the crowd. “Originsâ€? will consist of six stand-alone episodes and will begin airing in December after the eleventh episode of the second season.

Fans of this summer’s “Transformersâ€? movie may not have to wait as long as they think for a sequel. IDW Publishing is going to publish a series of sequel comics to bridge the gap between the film and its follow up. The first one is entitled “The Search for Starscream.â€?

Marvel Comics announced that Spider-Man fans are going to be getting more Spidey then they bargained for when his flagship title, “Amazing Spider-Manâ€? starts being published three times a month. The publishing initiative is called “Brand New Dayâ€? and will feature rotating creative teams. One of the members of these teams is “Back to the Futureâ€? writer Bob Gale. Marvel Comics, along with Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, and Stan Winston unveiled the Iron Man Mach 1 armor from the upcoming movie.

Finally, “300â€? director Zack Snyder was on hand to discuss his next film an adaptation of what is considered greatest graphic novel of all time, “Watchmen.â€? “Were interested in making a movie that is not bullshit and has real balls.â€? He told the crowd as he unveiled the first movie poster. “Watchmenâ€? will be released on 3-6-09.

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