Scott Baio is 45 and Awesome

Charles is no longer in Charge, and it is awesome.

Scott Baio takes his “where have you gone” life to the television screen in the latest barrage of reality series by VH1. His show “Scott Baio is 45 and Single” has a long enough title to basically ensure it is going to be canceled, yet long running previews that work as almost theatrical trailers make me get downright misty eyed for Joanie’s heart throb.

We see Scott, a merely weathered version of the guy we remember in charge, as a broken down man lost in the party that was the 1980s and still hung over from it. He hangs out with a creepy lackey and the guy who played Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years (which makes me wonder what other cross-television stars become lifelong friends. Are Steve Urkel “Jaleel White” and weird gay Derek kid who was Michelle’s friend on Full House chilling courtside…err…mezzanine nightly at Clippers games?). Scott used to get any girl he wanted, back when girls knew who he was, and now his life has changed into “old guy in the club” status, left to wonder where he went wrong in his party all the time life.

Now this show has all the makings of hilarious comedic scenes, both intentional and not, yet watching it produces nothing more than awkward situations and growing sense of something we usually feel for most reality stars; we begin to feel bad for Scott Baio. Maybe it’s the lifestyle change he’s taken, or the genuine effort he’s putting into the tasks given to him by his life coach (shouldn’t you be an accomplished person to become a “life coach”? Give me Lance Armstrong as my life coach instead of some lady who’s been in school the past ten years learning how to deal with my problems then shake them off with six apple-tini’s and a Zanex. ) Regardless of his actions, Mr. Baio actually turns his life into an emotionally uplifting show full of life lessons and old school television stars you find out he slept with.

Check it out- he might finally be in charge once again…before he gets canceled.

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