Paparazzi Cab Service for Celebrities Gone Wild

As we all know, Lindsay Lohan is at it, again. After finishing up a stay at the ritzy Promises rehab clinic and being formally charged with Driving Under the Influence on July 20th, she was arrested again on July 24th. She was also charged with possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license.

Lindsey Lohan is the latest Hollywood star to be booked on DUI charges. It only a month ago when we couldn’t get away from Paris Hilton had to do time for driving with a suspended license, a charge that stemmed from a DUI. And lets not forget Mel Gibson’s drunken tirade last year when he got pulled over for a DUI. These are only a few examples of celebrities gone wild.

Nobody should be driving under the influence of any substance. The reasons are obvious and don’t need to be listed. But of all people, celebrities especially shouldn’t be driving under the influence for one reason in particular: out in Hollywood there is a watchdog group called the Paparazzi. What I want to know is why the hell do these celebrities drive drunk when they know they have these borderline stalkers following their every move? Do they want to get caught? Is it a cry for help? Somebody answer for me because I don’t know!

If I were the Paparazzi I would take advantage of these drunken celebrities and open up a delivery service, charge less fare than a cab, and ask in return to take a few pictures. Think of the exclusive: “I have Lindsey Lohan (or whoever you happen to pick up) passed out in my car!â€? Think how much that photo would sell! Plus, you’re doing a good service for a celebrity who just might drop that restraining order against you!

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