CNN’s Youtube Debate: You present the questions, CNN questions your intelligence

We live in a society filled with bad, bad ideas. Gigli, The Bill Engvall Show, Txt Me Tees. With all of these contrived, truly terrible ideas being created and than marketed around me, I tried to give one bad a chance. On July 23, CNN is going to host a debate for the Democratic presidential hopefuls. The futuristic twist to this debate is that anyone in the country can submit a 30 second video to Youtube, and there is a chance that your question could be read to the candidates.

In theory, allowing the public to voice their own questions would put an end to the drawn out, scripted questions of past presidential debates. After reading the press release for the event, I immediately thought of the potential of such event; hard hitting questions, from real people. You can’t discredit the real people! My enthusiasm was short lived however when I saw the Anderson Cooper promo commercial, and I finally got a clue to what type of event this will be.

Now… I am one of the biggest proponents of free speech, but this is what our country’s election coming to. A teddy bear asking about gays in the military, a giant nerd dressed up like KISS. It is safe to say this debate is going to be harder to watch than the required scene in every submarine movie where they have to close the flooding hatch even Billy is still in there trying to stop the leak followed by 30 seconds of dramatic music and no dialogue.

Bottom line, I’d give this debate a 2 out of 10 on the watch-able scale. In comparison, Live Earth was an easy 4, and the Jimmy Kimmel Show is a 6. Youtube debate 2007 will be watered down by CNN trying to make it more hip than it actually is, and will be brutal, because if any legit question does sneak through, Hillary Clinton will just suck the soul out of it like she dies everything else.

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