When She Rejects You

I heard you were a fan of rejection. No? Didn’t think so. So like the rest of the male population, this probably means that if you ask a girl out and get denied faster than MC Hammer‘s credit cards, you might feel pretty crappy. But unless you’ve used the worst pick-up line ever, the rejection may not be your fault. Think hormones, for instance. Or one of these factors that might have nothing to do with you:

She’s Off-the-Market
Hopefully, she’ll just say right away that she has a boyfriend, just to save you some time and humiliation. That’s if she’s nice. Otherwise, she’ll probably manipulate you. After all, she can have sex whenever she wants just by snapping her fingers. Can you?

She’s Got History
Any phrase that involves the words ‘break from dating’ or ‘need to understand myself’ means she’s been hurt. Try being her friend first. You can aim for the next level once she ‘understands herself.’

She’s a Flirt
Many women are perpetual flirters. Nothing boosts their self-esteem like a little (or a whole lot of) male attention. Steer clear of these women, unless you thoroughly enjoy women’s sexual power being thrown in your face.

She’s Just Not That Into You
She might not be into you. Period. Move on to find the one who is.

Edward Fortyhands
Edward Fortyhands
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