Lenny “Nails” Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra stood at a staggering 5’10 and weighed in at 167lbs at the peak of his career. A small man to some, but a leader to all. Often referred to as “Nails”, Lenny entered Major League Baseball in 1985 and joined on with the New York Mets. It was evident he would be a force to be rekoned with and wouldn’t let his small size effect his level of play. This is a tribute to Leonard Kyle Dykstra, a true American hero.

Nails played 4 years with the Mets, with decent numbers averaging about 120 hits, 28 stolen bases, 40 RBI’s, 1 All-Star appearance and most importantly the coveted World Series ring. In June of 1989 one of the greatest things happened to Philadelphia and other than the introduction of anabolic steriods, to the career of Dykstra. Lenny’s first full season for the Phils turned into an All-Star season, as he had almost 200 hits, a .325 batting average, 60 RBI’s and a bad as* demeaner. “The Dude” was notorious for big wads of chewing tobacco, and heavily tarred bat, and choking up so high on the bat his hands were at the base of the barrel. Lenny was a gamer, he played with a Pete Rose mentality, lifted the spirits of his teammates, and lead the city of Philadelphia to their first World Series appearance in 10 years.

The year 1993 defined Mr. Dykstra. He won a National League “Silver Slugger Award”, and lead the league in several things such as runs scored, hits and bases on balls. He hit .348 with four home runs in the World Series vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. (This was the year he either ate his Wheaties and drank his protein shakes or started shoving a needle in his a**. He went from an average of 5 homers to 19 in this season.) Lenny was an idol to every child and fan in Philadelphia for his determination, winning attitude, and ability to play with class and poise. His career was unforunately cut short due to reoccuring back injuries that plagued the finally of his playing days.

Beleive it or not, Lenny has made one hell of a living after baseball. He is currently a financial analyst and has some seriously in depth articles.

Lenny has a daily record on TheStreet.com and seemily is doing one hell of a job breaking down the stock market for making some high powered decisions with security trading. This just shows how well balanced and unstoppable he is. Lenny Dykstra is still an American Icon and will forever hold a peice of Philadelphia fans hearts.

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