Cindy Sheehan, Speaker of House? God Help us all!

Peace activist and President stalker claimed if Articles of Impeachment are not filed against President Bush within the next two weeks, she would challenge Nancy Pelosi for the position of Speaker of the House in 2008.

Most people sympathize with Ms. Sheehan’s feelings due to the loss of her son, Casey, but the woman no more qualified to hold public office than I am to step into the cage with Chuck Liddel. The only thing remotely political this woman has done is set up a camp outside President Bush’s home in Crawford to protest the war in Iraq–an act that if committed to a normal person would be labeled stalking. The sad thing is half of her cohorts probably don’t know her son’s name.

Sheehan also claims that she would give Pelosi “a run for her money,â€? but a poll still being conducted on AOL shows that 64% percent of the country has a negative opinion of the ‘peace mom.’ I guess calling terrorists “freedom fightersâ€? and supporting 9/11 Conspiracy Theories doesn’t help your popularity, Cindy.

I do think Cindy had the right idea in May when she announced she was leaving the peace movement due to her disappointment with the inability of the recently elected Democratic Congress to end the War in Iraq. “They got there and betrayed the grass roots that put them thereâ€? she said. Unfortunately democracy, by its nature, is a slow and tedious process.

It’s obvious that being thrust into the public spotlight has gotten to Cindy’s head, and the best thing for her to do is take a rest. But, if she’s desperate to get back in the public spotlight, she should give John Edwards a call. I hear he’s looking for someone new to exploit for his campaign.

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