When Crashing at Your Girlfriends House Please Don’t Do This

Whether you sleep over your girlfriend’s place or practically live there, try not to annoy her with sloppy behavior. Otherwise you ain’t getting’ any lovin.’

1)Splashing the mirror when you brush your teeth and leaving it there. We understand that you like to leave your mark, but save it for your own apartment. Please wipe.

2)Leaving stubble in the sink after you shave. Gross and unsightly. Please take the extra second to rinse it down the sink.

3)Peeing on the toilet seat. This is her apartment, be respectful of her and her roommates and practice perfect aim.

4)Leaving the toilet seat up. If aim isn’t your thing, remember to put the seat down. Girls don’t want to deal with constantly putting it down for you.

5)You litter the ground with laundry. When you step out of your pants, don’t leave them for us to clean up. We’re not your mommy.

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