See Ya Dan! ESPN Fires Dan Patrick!

There has been speculation over the last few days about Dan Patricks departure from ESPN. An anonymous ESPN source told CO-ED late last night that Patrick is all but gone and the departure was not mutually agreed upon as it will be played off as in the news when the story breaks. This will come off as a big loss to Sports Center enthusiasts but Patrick has had numerous hosting auditions including the coveted “Price is Rightâ€? position.

Dan Patrick, 52, started off at ESPN in the 1980’s and was made famous for anchoring Sports Center during its extreme growth during the early 1990’s. This growth was due in part to the funny Sports Center commericals ESPN would run featuring the days biggest athletes.

To honor Mr. Enfuego here are Partick’s Top 10 Greatest Sports Center commercials.

#11 “Sweet Piano”

#10 “Sweet 62”

#9 “Y2K”

#8 “Pete Sampras”

#7 “Spinoffs”

#6 “Fluff the Counselor”

#5 Talking after the Show

#4 “Athletes Bribing”

#3 “The Closer”

#2 “International Editions”

#1 “Rookie Hazing”

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