Your Morning Ritual: Sh!t, Shower & Shave

Us males are creatures of habit. We are drawn to rituals. Just think back to yesterday (the 4th of July). We drank beer, watched an American win the hot dog eating contest and grilled burgers. We love pretty much anything we can claim as a right of passage. However, there’s one ritual in particular that rates highest on a guy’s list of priorities. Every guy has heard of it, and can’t start a day with out it. That is the ritual of “shit, shower and shave.” a.k.a. “The Triple S.” Its how us guys get ready in the morning. It’s a process based on logic with each step complimenting the next. In fact, I would go so far to call it the natural order. In college bathrooms though we soon discovers that this is not such a secret ritual. It’s been adopted and adhered to by all men for what seems like an eternity. And one thing is absolutely certain… once the ritual is performed it confirms there is no other way.

I can tell you first hand that for years we have suffered without a line of products to support each and every step pf our time honored triple S tradition. Well suffer no more. Late last week I received a gift set of Ritual Products from my boys Scott McEwen and Ty Lifeset of Los Angeles, CA. Yup, two regular guys just like you and me are the brains behind Ritual, not a boardroom full of hacks trying to figure out the best way to reach the elusive male demo.. Scott and Ty grew up and embraced the Triple S and now they have perfected a line of products that will change the face of our morning ritual.

After a solid 4 days of use I have become dependent on Ritual. All the products have their special place in my morning ritual but it was the “Natural Calls” shit drops that really blew my mind. Just 2 – 4 drops of Nature Calls in the toilet prior to doing your business will obliterate odor. Not that my shits are overly smelly but I can now say goodbye to the courtesy flush.

All in all I am very impressed with the Ritual line and everyone reading this should check out the retailer list here and buy the products.

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