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In high school I had to be at first period by 7:20 every day, and leave at 1:45 every afternoon. Looking back on it, I don’t know how the hell I did it. I’m upset if I have to wake up by 10 am nowadays. My freshman year in college however, I was still under some strange delusion that since I was trained to wake up at 6 AM, that an 8 AM class every day would be no problemo.

I was severely mistaken.

I had to practically drag my tired and sometimes still slightly drunk a** to class every day, suffer through a lesson I would have otherwise enjoyed, and often times not make it to the end of class without dozing at least a few minutes. So inevitably I started going less and less, and had it not been for a major strike on my campus that allowed students to drop their classes late in the semester, I wouldn’t have passed; not by my standards anyway.

My last semester I had a 9:30 on Tuesday, and every other day my earliest class was at 2, with no classes on Friday. I’ve actually managed to never have Friday classes, come to think of it. How do I maneuver myself such an excellent schedule, especially when Dramatic Writing (my major) gets the shi**iest sign up registration days? I have become, since my lapse in sanity first semester, a master at class manipulation.More…

Don’t get the section you want? Show up to it anyway. Chances are it isn’t really full, so I just sit through the lesson, participate, and then read the professor a sob story about my scheduling nightmares and BAM! I’m in. Your favorite professor’s classes fill up too quickly and you’re on the waitlist? Don’t sign up for the alternative class, keep yourself on the waitlist. If you still don’t make it in by the beginning of the semester, E-mail the prof telling him how disappointed you were that you couldn’t be educated by the one and only THEM – and you’ll be surprised how fast a spot opens up for you.

My motto for most anything is as follows: When all else fails, suck up. What’s a little brown nosing in exchange for never waking up before noon?

Do you feel the Rush for “GrΣΣk”?
Do you feel the Rush for “GrΣΣk”?
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