Entourage: What can we expect next week?

Entourage this year has the promise of being more than just every guy’s wish fulfillment; actually this year appears to have a long plot line hinting at a rift in the entourage. The split is between the show’s star Vince (Adrien Grenier) and Eric (Kevin Connolly) over Vince’s latest movie.

For those of you living under a rock Entourage is the hit show on HBO about a movie star from New York named Vincent Chase and his entourage that consists of Eric, his manager; Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillion), a has-been actor who is Vince’s brother; his driver Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) an unemployed rap manager who is always looking to score; and his eccentric but some how highly successful agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). The show revolves around Vince navigating his way through Hollywood while his friends mooch off of his success in scoring cars and women.

In this week’s episode Eric and Vince argue over the first cut of Medellin, the movie they financed about the life of Pablo Escobar. The problem is Eric thinks the movie is too long and wants a second opinion, but the director they hired Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) is an eccentric who doesn’t want anyone touching his work. Ari tells Eric that the only way they can rein in Billy is if they sell the movie to a studio. The episode ends with Eric having set up a meeting with the Weinstein’s, who own the studio The Weinstein Company, and Billy submitting and getting the movie accepted to the Cannes Film Festival.

Followers of the show know that Vince and Eric don’t have a great relationship with the Weinstein’s and judging from the preview for next week’s episode, Eric does not want to anger them any further; therefore, from a dramatic standpoint it can be expected that he will sell the movie to the Weinsteins. For the show this would be a blessing because the confrontation between the studio, Vince, Billy, and Eric over the proper vision for the movie opens all kinds of possibilities for the relationships between the characters. Especially in the confrontation department, which we know Ari is good at.

I’m guessing the tension will build until the end of the season when everyone learns that Medellin is going to be opening on the same day as Aquaman 2, the project Vince was fired from last season. This will motivate everyone to put aside their squabbles and get a unified vision. I’d love to see the season finale be Medellin’s premiere night. This is probably not what will happen but a prediction of how things should go. We here at Co-Ed Magazine do not have access to any spoilers.

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Where have all the good Sitcoms gone?
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