Do you feel the Rush for “GrΣΣk”?

Being in a sorority I have my reservations about ABC Family’s new show, “GrΣΣkâ€?, since whenever a portrayal of us is attempted it’s almost always negative. Not to mention that it always drives me crazy when people spell “Greek” with sigmas in place of “E”. Every Greek knows that while “sigma” might LOOK like ‘E’, it has nothing to do with the letter; “epsilon” does. Of course epsilon is just represented by a plain ‘E’, so it’s not nearly as swΣΣt looking.

Anyway another concern I have is that this is the kind of show I would have expected from The CW, not ABC Fam. Aren’t they supposed to be strictly PG? But I guess it is what it is. They even have an odd advertisement gimmick where you can “rushâ€? the frats and sorors of the show on the website. Anyway, I can admit that sororities and fraternities have done a lot over the years to warrant a negative image, but it’s still a very present and ever thriving community on most college campuses, and its members are really sick of the constant fire we’re put under, personally and publicly.

I often feel like our campus does everything in their power to downplay our Greek societies, including our very own Greek office which disbanded a sorority this past spring. I think that often times our administration forgets that this is college, and these are sororities, not the Stepford Wives. As a result all of this Greek life is only about 3% of our school body, at a school which constantly complains about the lack of community on our campus. Oh the hypocrisy is endless.

But since we’re probably one of the smallest Greek communities in the nation, and my sorority is the smallest of six, I rarely ever identify with the images of the community that are presented by the media or in books like “Pledgedâ€?. I guess I’ll just have to see what ABC cooks up. I’ll be interested to see just how the drinking and partying they’re bound to show will play with the “Familyâ€? audience, and even more interested to see how they’ll positively spin such a show to have sympathetic protagonists. (I actually drank less once I pledged, and now that I’m Vice President and Recruitment Chair I don’t see my partying ways making a come back anytime soon.)

Could it be that they’ll show people who have actually benefited from Greek life? I won’t hold my breath.

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