Googling Earth Is Now Cooler Than Ever

When I first used the Google Earth program a year ago, I was fascinated that this kind of technology was possible. But, after stalking my neighborhood and locating my apartment on a 3-D world map, I really had no more use for it. I merely filed it away as something cool to mess around on when bored or while procrastinating, and only if facebook was temporarily unavailable.

Now, it is being used to raise awareness of the genocide in Darfur. It was recently announced that Google and the Holocaust Memorial Museum teamed up to create this extra feature. Supposedly, the high-resolution imagery lets users zoom into the Darfur region and view more than 1,600 damaged and destroyed villages. No matter how many articles you see about this issue, nothing compares to seeing the actual conditions through pictures and video.

As college students, it’s easy to hibernate in our own safe little worlds and not pay attention to what is going on internationally. And I am definitely guilty of this as well. But, once in awhile, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on current events. And hey, at least it’ll give you something to talk about with that hottie in your political science class.

“At Google, we believe technology can be a catalyst for education and action,” said Elliot Schrage, Google Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs, in a statement. “Crisis in Darfur will enable Google Earth users to visualize and learn about the destruction in Darfur as never before and join the Museum’s efforts in responding to this continuing international catastrophe.” (Digital Trends)

To get this program, simply:

Download and install Google Earth
Download the Crisis in Darfur layers for Google Earth
Then if you want to , learn more about the Crisis in Darfur layers and the museum’s Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative

Just do it, I promise you’ll feel enlightened and more knowledgable post-facto.

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