Waiting Till the Last Minute

Well, you are not alone in how you always blow things off. According to Joseph R. Ferrari, a psychology professor at DePaul University in Chicago, seven out of 10 of you, a.k.a. &#39academic procrastinators,&#39 put off doing your schoolwork or doing it at all. Twenty percent of students, referred to as &#39chronic procrastinators,&#39 are those who always – always – wait and wait and wait.

Such were the results of Ferrari’s study, which also revealed that the higher the selectivity of schools, the higher the rates of procrastination. What? At better schools, where the work is tougher, students find the assignments daunting or belittling, if they fail to measure up. So, who wants to face that?

Ferrari breaks up procrastinators further: &#39arousal procrastinators&#39 work best under pressure, getting off somehow on surviving last-minute deadlines. &#39Avoidant procrastinators,&#39 on the other hand, are self-doubters who think that their success will only raise others’ expectations of them. Sounds like as good an excuse as any.

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