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  • Watch The NFL and ESPN On Xbox One

    In order for the Xbox One to successfully become the most important device in your living room (or bedroom depending on w…

  • The Best Golf Video Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Masters [PHOTOS]

    Watching Pro Golf on TV is for old people and young stroke victims…

  • The Next-Gen Console Wars Could Kick Off Next Month When Microsoft Unleashes Its New Xbox

    Gamers will have to stock up on extra shelving now that a bunch of new consoles are coming to a store near them. Sony is prep…

  • Teabag Your Enemies In Halo 4 Via Clone [VIDEO]

    Halo 4 hits shelves today, starting a brand new trilogy for the Master Chief. While bashing on noobs over the years in mul…

  • Check Out Death, Destruction, and Killer Dragons In The New Skyrim ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Trailer

    I don't really play Skyrim, but if any game gives me the ability to be a major BOSS riding around on a dragon and slaughtering people with fire breath, count me in. There's a How To Train Your Dragon joke to be made here, but I'll let it pass. Dragonborn is out December 4 for 1600 Microsoft Points ($20) via Xbox Live...

  • After Seven Long Years, Porn Will Finally Be On The Xbox (Not By Microsoft’s Choice, Though)

    It’s finally happened: porn will be readily available over Xbox Live. While it took over seven years (since the Xbox 360…

  • Psycho Girlfriend Breaks Man’s Xbox, Hopefully Has Heart Broken [VIDEO]

    If you ever feel like your girlfriend or significant other is somewhat crazy, watch this video of someone’s (hop…

  • Why Gaming Console Rumors Used To Be So Much Better [VIDEO]

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  • These Gamers Are Absolute Animals [32 PHOTOS]

    What could be better than sitting down with your friends to play some video games? Having your pets play them, of course!…

  • The Evolution of the Video Game Controller

    Since the collective world's mind was blown with the release of the Atari 2600 in 1977, video game controllers have seen quite the evolution. There have been good controllers, bad controllers, and some f*cking terrible controllers. Whose brilliant idea was it to put 12+ buttons on one controller? Who is responsible for the controller that we know today? These questions and more are answered in our anthology of video game controllers after the jump!

  • 7 Video Games For Your Non-gamer Girlfriend

    It can be difficult for a gamer to date a girl who has zero interest in video games. Seen from the outside, video games are a silly way of killing time that some people take way too seriously, the same way you might feel about scrapbooking, cats, or jogging. So, when she hits you with the inevitable “I don’t get it” it’s natural to try and persuade her by getting her to play with you. Here are some suggested titles to keep your significant other from rage-quitting your foray into the world of gaming. Check out our list after the jump.

  • Rev Up Your Lancers With The “Gears Of War 3″ Beta [VIDEO GAMES]

    Fanboys of the Gears of War franchise were left utterly heartbroken when Epic Games dropped the buzzkill bomb and announced that the highly anticipated Gears of War 3 would not be released on April 13th as originally intended, having been delayed until September 20th. But not wanting to leave their fans out in the bitter cold, the developers have released a free multiplayer beta currently running on Xbox Live - from April 18th through May 15th, mind you - to sate their appetites for carnage! Read on to learn how you can get your hands on this beta, as well as what's in store!

  • We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime [VIDEO GAMES]

    t's been nearly two years since the release of the highly acclaimed, fan-favorite Ghosbusters: The Video Game, which helped to temporarily sate the fans' hunger for a third Ghostbusters movie. Heeding the call, Atari - the publishers of the 2009 smash hit - announced back in December that the Ghostbusters would be making their triumphant return to video games in the downloadable follow-up title Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime being released in late March. At last, the wait is over, but Sanctum of Slime is a complete departure from its predecessor in terms of gameplay and the overall story. See our full preview after the jump!

  • The Dark Knight Enters Hell In “Batman: Arkham City”

    Recently resurrected from the grave in the comics, Bruce Wayne is also making his triumphant return to video games this October in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to 2009’s critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. Based on trailers and information released so far, this title is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011 and could be the game of the year. See our full preview along screengrabs and the trailer after the jump!

  • Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

    You’ve already spent days, weeks, and possibly months playing through the various missions, side quests, and challenges which packed Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption. The worst part is; you’re still thirsty for more. Thankfully, the ever popular game developers are delivering in spades with one of the hottest and most content filled downloadable expansion packs in recent memory, Undead Nightmare. Combining the stellar gameplay and addictive stories of the original with a cheeky, bloody, zombie loaded twist, this will have gamers around the world coming back for more.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood [VIDEO GAME PREVIEW]

    We've already stabbed, shot, dismembered, impaled, poisoned, and bludgeoned hundreds of baddies in Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2. In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (out today, 11/16, on all major consoles), everything that made your stab-happy heart go aflutter in prior AC games gets turned up a notch, and Ubisoft has a few spring-loaded tricks up its sleeve, so watch your back.


    Have you ever wanted to smash someones face in, break an arm, or choke someone out? To the guy who just answered “N…

  • A Pictorial History of Video Game Controllers

    Game control design has not always been a simple matter of evolution down the years - more a case of thrashing about blindly and hoping something works. Or copying whatever Nintendo does. Let's now take a look back at the (strange and often slightly inbred) history of video game controllers.

  • Monday Night Combat: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (For a Few Months)

    When, o' when, will that future finally arrive? You know, the one where humans fight each other to the death for cash and prizes in game shows televised across the globe? "Monday Night Combat" is the latest in the "soon we'll all be killing each other for fun and profit" canon, and it's a fairly simple recipe: Take a healthy portion of "Team Fortess 2," add a dose of any turret defense game, a splash of "SmashTV" and you have Xbox Live's latest entry in its "Summer of Arcade" series. (And am I the only one who finds the phrase "Summer of Arcade" to be incredibly grammatically annoying?)

  • The 5 Discontinued Things We Want Back

    Companies sure can be tricky. It seems they're constantly coming up with new products, shoving them in our face with aggressive advertising, and then discontinuing them just as we start to like them. You just know it's only days before the KFC Double Down becomes a relic of the past. Here are the top five items that we want back NOW!

  • Top 5 Video Games for August

    The summer blockbusters just keep on rolling, as mega developers such as EA and Konami are poised to drop another wave of addictive releases into gamers' open arms. Madden '11 is at the head of the pack, but the anticipated sequel to Mafia, and a new version of Metroid for the Wii are no slouch either. Cash in a savings bond, because it's time to go shopping again.

  • Blacklight: Tango Down – Cheap Friggin’ Fun

    "Blacklight: Tango Down" is a new multiplayer frag-fest. While it's certainly not a reinvention of the genre, it is a solid and fun experience. The story involves a group of high-tech soldiers called Blacklight and a group of high-tech terrorists called The Order. They don’t like each other for some reason. Whatever. “Blacklight” is basically "Call of Duty" in a sci-fi, future-y, dystopian setting.

  • 10 Halo Screen Shots That Will Make You Say Huh?

    Love it or hate it, Halo wins the trophy for best screen shots. Hands down (and not in the inappropriate way suggested by some of the following images. Promise). Want proof?

  • 10 Video Games That You Can’t Quit

    How many times have you been playing a game without realizing you’ve clocked in 6,7,8 hours playing? Before you know it, the entire weekend is over and you've managed to spend it all sitting in the same spot on the couch. Here's our definitive list of the most addictive video games in the entire world. They're the only thing, besides your daily dose of crack, that keep you coming back for more, more, more!

  • Five Must Have Video Games for June 2010

    Ah, June! The birds are chirping, the sun’s shining, and where are you? Firmly parked in your favorite chair in front of the radiant flat screen television, settling in for a nice session with the latest action, adventure, or sports title. With another onslaught of new releases including Tiger Woods Golf 2011, Green Day Rockband, Sniper, and others, it’s going to be another busy month for PS3, XBox 360, and Wii fans.

  • Make Friends by Shooting Them in the Face

    Pity poor Master Chief, the hero of the Halo games. While M.C. is truly a one-man army, saving the universe many times over, we can’t help but think that, deep down, all he really wants is a friend. Or a puppy. And even worse for the big guy, he’s not even in Halo: Reach, the hotly anticipated Xbox 360 game which is shaping up to be THE title of the year and features Master Chief sitting on the sidelines for the first time.

  • 5 Must Have Video Games For May 2010

    Whether you’re an avid follower or just a casual player, this spring is chock full of new releases for all different tastes. Some people find themselves drawn in like a moth to a flame, spending afternoons locked in their room attempting to conquer the latest role playing title, while others only turn on their XBox after drunkenly stumbling in at 2 A.M., looking for something to keep their mind occupied until they pass out on the couch.

  • 5 Rules for Online Gaming

    Solo games are great, but it's also a lot like hitting a tennis ball against a garage door. Eventually, you gotta get out there and mix it up with real people. But when you try playing online, you find yourself quickly getting your ass kicked by a bunch of lunatic teens. I understand. I used to be just like you. But, I promise, there’s a whole fun world of online gaming out there, and I’m going to help you find it.

  • 97 Nerdcore Knockouts

    What's the old saying? Behind every gorgeous girl is an inner geek just dying to take off her stilettos and throw on the Princess Leia lingerie. The women of Nerdcore not only embrace their inner nerdiness, they celebrate it.

  • 10 Things Women Secretly Love About Men

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  • The Five Types of People Who Play First Person Shooter Video Games

    For those who don’t know, FPS stands for “First Person Shooter” and for those who do know, then you n…

  • Replay Value: Three Hot Sequels You Should Be Excited For

    Sequels are a tricky thing. Sometimes you get something truly great, something that takes the great aspects of the originals and improves upon them. Other times you get a frustrating attempt to milk more money