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    11 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [June 17 - 20]

    Don't think about jumping just yet - read about what's happening this week instead.

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    The Workaholic Guys Before They Were Famous [VIDEO]

    Just because this video isn’t new doesn’t mean that it’s not awesome. This is an old skit where Adam…

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    You Played Hard… Your Friends ‘Worked’ You Harder [34 PHOTOS]

    Back in early April, we told you that Workaholics is the funniest show on TV. That was before the first season even aired. Now, it seems every broham and his brother are quoting it. Adam, Anders, and Blake are professional time-killers whose telemarketing skills are unparalleled. With the second season set to premiere on September 20th, we thought we'd take a look at some guys working hard on shaming dudes who've played too hard with our photo gallery of drunken shamings. Check it out along with a sneak peek of Season 2 after the jump.

  • 10 Awful Jobs That Are A Waste of Your Degree

    So you've just graduated from your $150,000+ education and have found a great starter job. Yeah, you're working 10+ hour days and get paid close to minimum wage, but it's the on-the-job experience that you're getting. I'm not one to knock on job choices as long as you're working towards your goals, but just make sure you stay out of the way of these ten jobs. These are legit dead-end jobs.

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    Workaholics IS The Funniest Show on Television [9 VIDEOS]

    I first saw a promo for Workaholics on April Fools Night and I tweeted that it’s “legit”. Talk about…