Feb 14, 2012

7 Fat Dudes Who Look Weird Without The Weight

If the great state of Texas, the McDonald’s franchise and stretchy pants have taught us anything, it’s that bigger is...

Feb 10, 2012

COED’s Spring Break Training Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness

If you’ve been eating right and putting the work in, you should be getting results by now. Need proof? Bam!...

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Aug 16, 2011

A Registered Dietitian Wheys In On Packaged Protein

Broke ass college dudes can live off protein shakes and power bars in lieu of meals, especially in the post-spring break "Damn I'm fat” gym-heading season. But can these cheap ass meals-in-a-bar actually replace real food? Some say yes, as the lack of moisture can keep packed goods from decaying and the powdered form is more easily broken down. Others say you miss the grit from the real source. We have Registered Dietitian Rachel Tobin, M.S., R.D. whey in on the matter. Check out the good, the bad, and the ugly after the jump.

Feb 24, 2009

Slim Suit, It’s Sweeping the Country

If you need any proof that people are retarded in the past, all you need to do is take a look at the commercials. For instance, this commercial for the Slim Suit. The Slim Suit is basically a trash bag jumpsuit that squeeze your fat ass into to shed some pounds.

Oct 4, 2008

The Top 10 Cars for Douchebags

The Top 10 Cars for Douchebags O.J. Simpson… FINALLY GUILTY! Simon Pegg Vs. ‘Fat Idiot’ Ricky Gervais Top 5 Cellphone...

Aug 14, 2008

Adderall: Not Just for ADD Anymore

If you’re in college, chances are you’ve run across those infamous peach pills at some point. I’m talking about Adderall....