Jan 20, 2016

Second Suicide Squad Trailer Blows Up Overnight

The second official trailer for the upcoming onslaught that is Suicide Squad released late last night, so make sure you...

Aug 8, 2015

New Movie Trailers: ‘Everest,’ ‘The Last Witch Hunter,’ And More [VIDEOS]

Check out the hottest trailers from this week: Everest, The Last Witch Hunter, The Intern, and more...

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Jun 16, 2014

“Ray Donovan” Season 2 Trailer: The Feds Bring The Heat [VIDEO]

If you didn’t watch the first season of Showtime’s amazing show Ray Donovan, then you better catch up now because...

Feb 10, 2011

UCONN’s Johnny Mac: Trick Shot Quarterback

Although Johnny McEntee has never thrown a pass in a live game for UCONN, the red-shirted Junior is on the fast track to becoming the Huskies' most famous quarterback ever. This kid's got some mad football skills off the field. How they translate on the field during gameplay is still yet to be seen. Worst case scenario, Johnny Mac's got one helluva promising career as a Carny.

Oct 18, 2009

“Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene and Bros Rap Video: “Pussification”

Yes, this is real. Yes, the song was performed by instant meme, "Balloon Boy" Falcon Heene and his brothers. Yes, the name of the song is "Pussification," the meaning of which is laid out clearly in the beginning of the video, and it's pretty much what you'd expect. Yes, they say words I'm not allowed to print on COED. Yes, Falcon is in the toilet, slathered in whoknowswhat, looking like Mr. Hanky.