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  • Reshma Shetty On Royal Pains [See Her Tonight]

    Tune in tonight to check out the gorgeous Reshma Shetty on an all new Royal Pains on USA.

  • Alona Tal On Burn Notice [See Her Tonight]

    Make the right choice this evening and tune in to gaze at the beautiful Alona Tal on an all new Burn Notice.

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    8 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [June 3rd - June 6th]

    You may have spent your weekend drinking the Playboy Mansion’s entire stock of 20-year-old scotch and puking yo…

  • The Last Day Of Dudes Hitting Each Other With Heavy Swords Tournament [PHOTOS]

    We’re talking about the Battle of the Nations full contact medieval combat tournament, of course…

  • Battle of the Nations Saturday Coverage [VIDEO]

    The knights are getting into some 5 on 5 combat today…

  • Battle Of The Nations Friday Coverage [VIDEO]

    In case you weren’t aware of it, you can dress like a medieval knight and beat the piss out of other knights…

  • See Her Tonight [Maggie Lawson On PSYCH]

    Pick up your mid-week by tuning in to see the beautiful Maggie Lawson on an all new Psych.

  • See Her Tonight [Parminder Nagra on PSYCH]

    You need to get through the middle of the week in style by checking out the beauty that is Parminder Nagra on the very underrated show, Psych.

  • See Her Tonight [Gabrielle Anwar On BURN NOTICE]

    Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman who knows how to handle herself with a gun, make bombs from paperclips and...

  • 20 Things You Didn’t Know About The White House

    The 2012 election has been one of the most hyped in history. We’ve been hearing about both these candidate for yea…

  • Brittany Ishibashi [See Her Tonight on POLITICAL ANIMALS]

    21 pics! We thought it was a miniseries, but tonight's Political Animals is pushed as a season finale after six whole episodes. Maybe we'll get another season with Brittany Ishibashi as a gal marrying into a political dynasty. She's had our vote as a real crowdpleaser ever since she showed up on Supernatural as part of a reality-show ghostbusting team. Now check out some pics that'll get you pulling your own lever for this hot babe with a big future...

  • Angélica Celaya [See Her Tonight on BURN NOTICE]

    30 pics! It looks like there's no more women's prison action on Burn Notice—but there is a breakout with Angélica Celaya guesting on tonight's episode. It's the first mainstream American appearance by this cultish Colombian beauty She's already made some big leaps from dancer to model to actress, and we've got pics that'll prove she's ready to move on to international stardom...

  • Sexy Soccer Superfans: USA vs Japan [PHOTOS]

    After this week’s earlier victory against Canada, the stage is set for a Women’s World Cup rematch as the U…

  • [PHOTOS] Kessy / Ross Vs. May-Treanor / Walsh: All-American Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Showdown

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a first in women’s beach volleyball. With Jennifer Kessy and April Ross&…

  • Susan Francia USA Olympic Rowing Team Has A Gold-Medal Bod! [28 PHOTOS]

    The USA Olympic Rowing Team has won the gold in the 2012 London Olympics—and it couldn’t have hurt to have an Amazo…

  • USA Swimmer Lauren Perdue Turns Down Lebron James Date [19 PHOTOS]

    Guess who isn’t getting laid at the Olympics! Why, that would be Mr. Lebron James—who, to be fair, may not have rea…

  • Amanda Detner [See Her Tonight on NECESSARY ROUGHNESS]

    21 pics! She stepped in front of a bus and into film history in the first Final Destination—although some guys had already discovered Amanda Detner as a beauty queen in the 1999 comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous. Now she has a recurring role on the psych-sports dramedy Necessary Roughness. Try to avoid roughing yourself up while checking out this very necessary gallery of a very hot gal...

  • 104 Sexiest Female Olympians Who Posed Nude [PHOTOS]

    Update: 2/7/2014 Check Out Naked Winter Olympians Here Even if you’re not a fan of female sports, it’s imp…

  • Sheena Colette [See Her Tonight on BURN NOTICE]

    35 pics! There are a few gals we love who can't seem to break out into major roles, with Sheena Colette at the top of our list. We first noticed this offbeat beauty as a hot FBI agent always showing up in the background on the USA network's White Collar. Now you can catch Sheena as a call girl on Burn Notice, and catch even more of her in some pretty wild pics...

  • Taryn Manning [See Her Tonight on BURN NOTICE]

    22 pics! Burn Notice isn't the show it started as--but at least Season Six features a story line in a women's prison. The character of Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar) is behind bars, and she's hopefully sharing the showers with gals like guest star Taryn Manning. Check out these burning pics, along with Taryn's turn as a desperado in Butch Walker's "The Weight of Her"...

  • Mekia Cox [See Her Tonight on NECESSARY ROUGHNESS]

    15 pics! It's not easy to make psychotherapy glamorous, but Mekia Cox is helping out tonight on the USA Network's Necessary Roughness. You have to make time for Mekia when you can, too, since this gal isn't working nearly enough. Mekia has still enjoyed a pretty amazing career since being showcased as one of Michael Jackson's dancers in the concert film This Is It. You'll want to tune in tonight--but first check out some pics that'll get you manhandling yourself...

  • Lindy Booth [See Her Tonight On FAIRLY LEGAL]

    14 pics! It's a big gamble staying in for tonight's episode of Fairly Legal. Will the lovely Lindy Booth actually be part of the lesbian couple that's a big part of tonight's show? Or will Lindy be playing some other character, and we'll just be wishing she was part of the lesbian couple that's a big part of tonight's show? All we know is that we helped an old lady across the street earlier this week, so God owes us one--and you'll feel blessed after you check out these pics...

  • Natalie Krill [See Her Tonight on SUITS]

    14 pics! Tonight's season premiere of Suits doesn't have the buzz of the new season of USA's Burn Notice, but it does have Natalie Krill--which puts our suits on notice that our zippers are about to start burning. This Canadian cutie started her career by stealing scenes in the little-known hockey soap opera M.V.P. Now we're hoping for a recurring role as Natalie shows up as a character who's related to the founders of the firm where the Suits cast works. Tune in tonight, but first check out some shots that'll have your suit pants firming up...

  • Olivia Culpo is the New Miss USA–So, You Know, Happy Monday! [PHOTOS]

    14 pics! Some people chose a new Miss USA last night. They got it right, too. Just take a look at Olivia Culpo. She made Rhode Island proud as an incredible local specimen, and now she'll be representing America in the Miss Universe pageant. We've never felt more comfortable in our natural superiority. Check out these pics, and you'll be getting comfortable yourself...

  • These 4 Factors Will Land You On America’s Drunkest Cities List

    What did your town ever accomplish? Thanks to a recent list published by The Daily Beast, the lucky citizens of 25 American cities can brag about the incredible honor of living in the most intoxicated locations in the country. While the study was based on the average number of alcoholic drinks consumed per month, it's more than fair to speculate about what these cities have in common. In other words, what elevates a city from one filled with abstainers and social drinkers to one known for its valiant feats of imbibing? Click to find out the determining factors.

  • Does Italy or the USA Have More Beautiful Game? [PHOTOS, POLL]

    On Wednesday, the US Men’s National Soccer Team played against Italy in an international friendly. Even if you d…

  • 60 Pics of Patriotic Hotties Showin’ Off Red, White, and Boob For Captain America

    The highly anticipated release of Captain America: The First Avenger is finally upon us and though many countries tried to block its distribution or change its name, Marvel's real American hero is poised to break all kinds of records at the box office. As we told you in Wrap It Up, there's a teaser trailer for The Avengers after Captain America's credits roll, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, to get you amped for what could be THE superhero film of the summer, we've rallied the truly choice troops donning red, white, and blue into a gallery that does Ol' Glory right. Check out the pics of Patriotic Hotties after the jump.

  • America F#%K YEAH! 25 Ultra Patriotic Demotivational Posters

    This is America: home of the brave, land of the free. This country needs no more motivation than we already have. In fact, we have so much f*cking swagger going on that we can afford to lose some. Don't worry, we won't though, because: (see the first three words). Osama, how do these 25 awesome demotivational posters look to you right now? They might be hard to see at the bottom of the ocean through your lifeless eyeballs. Happy 4th of July, everyone! God Bless America and our troops! Check out the patriotic posters after the jump.

  • The Girls of Sports Illustrated’s 2011 Model Search [8 Galleries]

    Throughout all this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue madness, we tend to lose sight of the newcomers, the rookies, the n00bz who are poised to become the next big things in swimsuit wearing. So, with everyone drooling over Irina and some of the other vets (and rightfully so), we decided to shine the spotlight on the 8 women competing for a spot in the 2012 issue in SI’s Model Search : Catrinel Menghia, Elena Baguci, Elisandra Tomacheski, Tamiris Souza Freitas, Kasia Gogolkiewicz, Jessica Perez, and Jasmine Tookes.

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    Skins, American Idol, and Spartacus [TV THIS WEEK]

    This week's viewing schedule is jam-packed with action, adventure, and bad vocals. There are some new shows premiering this week as well as some old favorites returning. So warm up your channel-changing thumb and get ready for some action!

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    TV This Week: Money Drop, Yin Yang, American Ninjas, and Doctor Who?

    This week in TV brings you a few treats to jingle your bells. Prepare for a series premiere, two season finales, and...Doctor Who Christmas! We're putting these shows on our nice list.

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    Very Special Finales and Kinda Special Specials [TV THIS WEEK]

    It's that time of year again - the most wonderful time of the year featuring a whole lotta finales and holiday specials.

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    TV This Week: Sexpos, Comedy, and Action

    There are great things in store this week. Learn how to dodge the government, watch a sex expo, or get a first look at Ameri…

  • Columbus Day Threeway: USA vs Italy vs Spain Model Showdown

    Happy Columbus Day, e'erybody! Last year, we proudly hailed Spain's Sexiest Discoveries. This year, we celebrate the day on which an Italian discovered "America" for Spain with another edition of our popular showdown. Normally, we pit one party against another, but for this special occasion, we're goin' all Three's Company on yer ass! That's right, women from Italy, Spain, and the good ol' US of A face off to lay claim to hottest Columbus Day descendants. Let's set sail for sexiness!