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  • UCLA, SDSU & Chapman COEDs Strip for Winter Undie Runs on Instagram

    When women run in an undie run, everyone wins. Charities win because undie runs take donations in the form of money and/o…

  • The 50 Best Student Bodies From The 2013 ASU Undie Run [PHOTOS]

    Now that it’s over, we can safely say that the 2013 ASU Undie Run lived up to its hype once again. If you can recall fr…

  • Hotties of the 2011 Chapman University Winter Undie Run [27 PHOTOS]

    The Winter edition of the bi-annual Chapman University Undie Run took place yesterday. If you're wondering where the hell Chapman is and how big their balls are for doing this in the winter - chill - they're in the OC aka Orange County, where it's like 75 degrees. Anyway, hundreds of students showed up, dressed down, and got in the holiday spirit by giving us these amazing pics! We present to you the hotties of the 2011 Chapman University Winter Undie Run, courtesy of the OC Weekly. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • 2011 Utah Undie Run [24 PHOTOS, VIDEO]

    We know what you're thinkin'... UTAH!?! The state that had one of its colleges kick a kid off the team for having sex? The state that's skewered in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Book of Mormon". The state that only serves beer with an alcohol by volume ("ABV") of 3.2% or less? Yup. Turns out Utahans... are sick and tired of the Beehive State's uptight laws so they decided to show some skin with their very own Undie Run on Saturday, 9/24. As you can see from our numerous Undie Run stories, we fully support this movement. Check 'em out in the gallery and video after the jump.

  • ASU’s Undie Run Is Unbelievably Hot [VIDEO]

    ASU seems to have everything a guy could ever hope for in a massive five year party education. T*tties, @sses, 10's, bouncing, partying. You saw evidence of this last week when we posted the best all-time pics from ASU's Undie Run, now we make all you non-Sun Devils hate your life even more with this video featuring vivacious vixens skipping, hopping, and jiggling in their unmentionables. Take notes, NYU. Big shout out to Joey from Cloud Creative Group for the heads up. Check out the vid after the jump!

  • NYU Undie Run 2011 [22 PHOTOS]

    NYU students dropped trou and took off running Friday night for the 1st Annual NYU Undie Run in Washington Square Park. The Violets' turnout was definitely less impressive than the infamous UCLA and Arizona State charity dashes, but we've got to give props to Sigma Phi Epsilon and Virgin Mobile for bringing out the Naked Cowboy and Cowgirl.

  • 60 Most Undeniably-Awesome ASU Undie Run Pics of All-Time

    There's no question we're huge fans of ASU. Their Undie Run is proof positive why. The world's largest, most charitable end of the year campus tradition took place last night (May 3rd) and early word from our on-location correspondent is it didn't disappoint. For those who haven't checked out our previous coverage of the nearly-naked jaunt-a-thon, the Undie Run is an annual event that started in 2008 where tens of thousands of college students from around the state get together to celebrate the last day of classes by taking off their clothes, donating them to charity and then running half-naked around ASU's Tempe campus. We celebrate this grand tradition with a retrospective photo gallery of its most memorable moments. Check out the pics after the jump!

  • 7 Best Naked Runs And Streakers [VIDEOS]

    Among many of college's time honored traditions, streaking through town amongst your fellow students and freaking out the locals is considered the ultimate rush and, most important of all, brings a smile to the faces of the Animal House pantheon of gods. Per usual, authority figures don't share this same level of enthusiasm when it comes to our youthful antics and that's why the president of Tufts University in Massachusetts, Lawrence Bacow, has put an official ban on the school's annual Naked Quad Run, calling it a safety hazard! We at COED call bullsh*t and that's why we're stickin' it to Bacow by presenting the best videos of streakers and naked runs that the internet has to offer! Ban this, Lawrence!

  • The Ultimate 2010 AXE Undie Run Showdown (257 Photos)

    Finally, a good excuse to go streaking! On campuses across the country, coeds who hate clothing and love charity participated in the greatest college competition this side of March Madness: the AXE Undie Run Challenge. The Undie Run pits student body against student body to see who can donate the most clothing to charity... while running around in just their underoos.

  • Identify This U. Texas Undie Run Smokeshow And Win A Flip Cam!

    Every once in a while we spot an absolute smokeshow running around a regular college campus as if she isn't the sexiest co-ed to ever grace the quad. And this time the miracle happened during the University of Texas Undie Run (thanks to TPS for pointing her out). Seriously, we haven't seen a student this sexy since the mystery bombshell at University of Wisconsin. We're so desperate to figure out who she is that we're going to give a DEWmocracy give pack that includes a Flip Cam to the first person that can identify and tag her on our Facebook Page. Surprised we're doing such an awesome giveaway in exchange for a name and some hard core detective work? You won't be once you see these photos.

  • Top 5 College Charity Events

    Yeah, college kids like to party, drink, and have fun. But sometimes we do actually like to help out those less fortunate than us. Skeptical? Well, here are five of the biggest charities run by students. Try not feeling inspired after reading about these selfless kids! Then again, you might not think they're so selfless after hearing about how much fun they're having being charitable.

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  • The UCLA Undie Can’t Be Stopped [168 Photos]

    In July it looked like the annual UCLA Undie Run was down for the count, but last night in the 11th hour, despite the school threatening legal action, students stripped down to their skivvies and hit the streets running like there was no tomorrow. Although the run wasn't sanctioned by the school and took a new route, it doesn't appear it was any less fun – or bootylicious!

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  • GMC Says Streakers Are A Sign Of Freedom

    A group of about a half dozen streakers made the unassuming audience chuckle and gasp as they whisked their naked bodies across the front the stage after the last Bachelor of arts degree was given Saturday afternoon and President Paul Fonteyn shook the last student's hand.

  • Undie Run Has High Price Tag

    Officials in Orange, Calif., say it will cost up to $19,000 to fix a fountain broken during Chapman University students…

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