UCONN Huskies Cheerleaders

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  • Cheerleaders of the 2011 NCAA Final Four

    Pretty much nobody could've predicted the Final Four of UConn, Butler, Kentucky, and VCU. In fact, according to ESPN, only 2 of the 5.9 million people who filled out brackets on their site got the guessed the regional champions correctly. My guess is those entries were from chicks who picked based on how much they liked the teams' mascots or color schemes. To get you pumped for what's sure to be another stellar set of games, we're pitting each team's cheerleaders against each other and asking you to vote for the squads you like best. We think this is a better predictor than mascots or color schemes. Review the squads and vote after the jump!

  • Cheerleaders of the 2011 NCAA Sweet 16 Showdown

    March Madness is living up to its name, driving us mad with infuriating foul calls from officials, bewildering bonehead plays, and heartstopping buzzer beaters. If you’re like millions of other people, your bracket most likely got busted this weekend (thanks, Butler), so you’re probably in need of a morale boost. Luckily, we’ve compiled brand-spanking new photo galleries of each Sweet 16 team’s cheerleaders to get you pumped for the next round of ups and downs.

  • UCONN Huskies Cheerleaders [PHOTO GALLERY]

    These Huskies ease our stress!