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    Americans will consume millions of turkeys on Thanksgiving. It’s only a matter of time until the birds rise up an…

  • Classic Thanksgiving Demotivational Posters [22 PICS]

    Thanksgiving is probably the most demotivational holiday there is. You get stuck in the cold with family members you pr…

  • Gluttonous Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Pr0n [93 PHOTOS]

    Thanksgiving is the only holiday the revolves almost entirely around eating. (I think, I’m not doing any resear…

  • 12 Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner Foods If You’re Gross

    Let’s be honest: Thanksgiving is a holiday most enjoyed by those of us who like to gorge ourselves. And who doesn&…

  • Give Thanks For The 22 Best Deep-Fried Turkey Fire Videos

    Deep-fried turkeys for Thanksgiving taste awesome. Why wouldn’t they? You take a whole bird and dump it into a gi…

  • Demotivational Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition [22 PHOTOS]

    Every Thursday, we feature the latest and greatest demotivational posters to hit the cybersphere. Last week, we showed you the most selfless, loving type of person in the world - sluts. We figured that might not fly as much on a day like today, considering that most of you are back at home with your parents. Instead, we decided to get into the holiday spirits by showing you the funniest Thanksgiving Day-inspired demotivational posters (not that you'll need much demotivation once that Tryptophan starts setting in). Check them out after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Donna D’Errico’s Ark, Illegal Sex Tapes, Sex Trafficking Bowl

    Today's WTF news items feature a former Baywatch star fulfilling her lifelong dream, an Indonesian pop star who should seriously think about changing his name to Peterporn, and sex workers that should seek alternate means for getting to the Super Bowl. Read more after the jump!

  • 7 Classic Dinner Scenes In Movies

    As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we anticipate the festive meal with our loved ones in which we give thanks. Some have no trouble looking forward to a day filled with loved ones and joy. Then there are those who know there in for a roller coaster, whether it’s an Uncle who is way too loud or a cousin who nobody looks forward to seeing. A look at some movies which display amusing happenings at the dinner table.

  • Host Your Own Friendsgiving

    Sometimes, family sucks. Wouldn't you rather kick back a few beers and play COD than listen to your grandmother complain about halter tops and loud music? Even if you like your family, maybe you don't like driving six hours to join them for a meal (especially if you can't get high along the way). Why not host your own Thanksgiving, bro-style?

  • Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn: Two Girls, One Leg Edition [36 Photos]

    There's something about eating a turkey leg that is barbaric. It brings out the animal in us. For the past two years, we've brought you Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn, a photo gallery of people absolutely tearing apart humongous turkey legs. Gets the heart pumpin' and the stomach grumblin', doesn't it? It's exciting and taps into the most elementary of human emotions. Sort of like the legendary internet meme 2 Girls, 1 Cup, no? Well, we picked it up a notch this year with a 2 Girls, 1 Leg edition of "GTLP". Each pic depicts 2 hungry hungry hotties fighting over a turkey leg. Truly a feast for the eyes!

  • Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn: Two Girls, One Leg Edition [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Like the the original, but less vomit-inducing.…

  • Top 10 Hot Ass Hollywood Jews (PICS)

    If you're on a mission to find the world's hottest Jewish girls (why wouldn't you be?), there's no better place to look than Hollywood, USA. So to get in on the situation happening near the Gaza Strip, we've put together the sexiest Chosen Ones this side of Tel Aviv. Oh, and when you're gone check out 68 Real Israeli Beach Babes.

  • Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn [Pics]

    Ladies and gentlemen, Thanksgiving Day is coming up soon, and that means tons and tons of delicious food to feast upon. It also means that we have a thinly veiled excuse for publishing what can only be described as some new type of underground fetish – eating giant turkey legs. WTF, you ask? Well, we have no F’ing clue. But with over 6000 photos on Flickr of people ripping apart this avian flesh, there’s either something about eating a giant cooked bird leg...

  • WTF Is He Doing to That Donkey? [Video]

    I know that in other countries and other cultures they do somethings differently than we do here in the United States. But what I did not know was that one of those things includes walking on a donkey. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch (I'm looking at you PETa), I think the donkey is, um, getting a massage.

  • Street-crossing FAIL [Video]

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't people supposed to learn to look before crossing a street - especially when you're in F'ing Turkey, where, based on this video, the traffic rules make about as much sense as Gary Busey?Apparently not, because this dude gets slammed so hard, his godd*mn shoes fly off.

  • Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn Revisited

    Ladies and gentlemen, Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, and that means tons and tons of delicious food to feast upon. It als…

  • Gluttonous Turkey Leg Porn

    Ladies and gentlemen, Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner – and that means tons and tons of delicious food…

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    In the words of Ragnhild Karlsson, advocate for going topless at beaches: “If women are forced to wear a top, shou…