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Nov 29, 2012

Lya Melendez

Lya is a student at the University of Arizona and a muy caliente member of the Tucson12 calendar squad. Originally...

Nov 22, 2012

Emmy Adams

Emmy is an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona and a proud member of the Tucson12 calendar team. She’s...

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Nov 15, 2012

Leah Godecke

Leah is a member of the 2013 Tucson12 calendar team and a full-time student at the University of Arizona where...

Nov 1, 2012

Brooke Balek

Brooke is a student at the University of Arizona and a proud member of the 2013 Tucson12 calendar squad. Like...

May 10, 2012

Seanise Haskins

Last week we showed you one of the newest members of Tempe12, so it’s only fair that we show Tucson12...

Apr 26, 2012

Mallory Morey

Mallory Morey is a 20 year old student at the University of Arizona and a proud member of Tucson 12....

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Apr 12, 2012

Hailey Peep

Hailey is a senior at the University of Arizona and a proud member of the Tucson12 sorority. Originally hailing from...

Lauren Oglensky

Lauren is a 19 year old student at University of Arizona and a Tucson12 model. Originally from the ‘burbs of...

Mar 29, 2012

Chrissy Bertrand

Chrissy’s a Tempe12 / Tucson12 model who was featured in their Girls of the Pac 10 calendar back in 2009...

Feb 2, 2012

U of A’s Tucson12 vs ASU’s Tempe12 Hottie Showdown [POLL]

Arizona are really heating up the big football game between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University tonight. It's the first time since 2007 that Sun Devil Stadium has sold out of tickets for the "Duel in the Desert", the winner of which gets to take home the Territorial Cup. We know a thing or two about the schools and their students, having featured a bunch of Tucson12 and Tempe12 girls as Miss COED. We figured we'd set up our own Okie drills, pitting the hot models against each other, mono e mono. We'll even let you be the judge of who wins, so make sure to check out the photos after the jump.

Nov 19, 2011

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Oct 27, 2011

Haley Rowe

Haley's a junior at the University of Arizona who's a Tucson12 model that's originally from San Diego. Haley girl traded the beach sun for desert fun (and a degree in marketing, of course) and it seems to have worked out pretty well for her. She's a Pi Beta Phi with a bunch of other totally hot ladies (there's a pic from her sorority page, sorry for stalking) and she's got a 3.0 to boot. Looking at her and then looking back on the homecoming I just came back from, I can say with absolute certainty I should have gone to another school. Thanks, Haley, for making me regret what I thought were the best five years of my life. Check out her pics, stats, and bonus video after the jump.

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Oct 20, 2011

Katie Serio

Originally hailing from Irvine, California, Katie is a senior at University of Arizona and a proud member of the first class of Tucson 12. When she's not working towards her major in communications and marketing, Katie acts like a hot SoCal girl should: she goes to concerts, shops, and works out. To support her lifestyle, Katie babysits for two kids (I'm not even going to get into how jealous I am... of children). When she graduates this December, Katie hopes to go into marketing consulting or event planning. Just a heads up Katie - any event you attend is likely to do pretty well. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Sep 14, 2011

Miss COED: Brooke Rachman [12 PHOTOS]

From the dudes behind Tempe12 comes Tucson12: proof again that Arizona brings the heat. Brooke is a sophomore at the University of Arizona and apparently lives in an ex-Fraternity with nine of her friends. It's a house rule that they all have naked pillow fights before going to sleep (I just report what I hear). She might be AZ now, but Brooke is originally from SoCal and is the proud owner of season tickets to the Lakers. She claims she attended the U of A because of the campus, but my money's on the fact that she wanted to show ASU that Tucson can get down as well. Check out more pictures of Brooke after the jump!