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  • 5 Tebow-Like Manias Over The Past 25 Years

    What's left to say about Tebow Mania that hasn't already been said? Despite the fact that 4 quarterbacks are currently on pace to break Dan Marino's single season passing record, and the Green Bay Packers are knocking on the door to perfection, Tim Tebow remains the most compelling story of the 2011 football season. But as unique as his story might seem, we've seen plenty of athletes over the last few decades jump onto the scene and become larger than life phenomena overnight. Check out 5 of the top athlete crazes over the past 25 years after the jump.

  • 20 Women Tebow Should Tebown

    Is Lindsey Vonn getting Tebowned? That's the rumor circulating online after she was spotted in the Tebow family box at the Broncos game. We can't stop squabbling over this guy's sex life, or lack thereof. Is it even remotely possible that an NFL QB in the 21st Century can still be a virgin at 24? Is it possible he "plays for the other team"? We all know women love a good challenge - well, here's the Mt. Kilimanjaro of men, ladies. Who has a legit shot at swiping Tim's v-card? Check out our top picks after the jump.

  • 22 Tebow-tivational Posters for Demotivational Thursday [PHOTOS]

    Tim Tebow is officially Hansel - he's "so hot right now". But unlike Hansel, he could be the most polarizing figure in the sports history. It's hard to tell at this point if he'll pan out or blow away like dust in the wind, but before we all get Tim Tebow-verload, we thought we'd dedicate this week's Demotivational Thursday to Jesus Jr. On a side note, you guys have no idea how hard it is to type while Tebowing. Check out the NFL lolz after the jump.

  • JPP 4 MVP, Brady Bitched Out, God’s QB Gets The W [NFL Week 14]

    In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, the Browns and Steelers destroy each other’s quarterbacks, God's quarterback keeps delivering miracles, Ryan Succop’s sucky onside kick, Rob Gronkowski's record-setting weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Yates need better seats, Tom Brady had a shouting match with his offensive coordinator, Thomas DeCloud needs celebration dance lessons, and Jason Pierre-Paul's block saves the Giants' season. Check out the highlights after the jump.

  • Top 10 Surprises of the 2011 NFL Season So Far [POLL]

    The only certainty during an NFL season is there'll be a ton of surprises. There are people who claim to be experts on the NFL and many pour over statistics/analysis to determine which teams will make an impact in the upcoming season. However, the NFL is as unpredictable as a crazy ex-girlfriend. So, with the regular season coming to a close and end-of-the-year-lists becoming trendier than Tebowing, we've compiled our top 10 list of biggest surprises so far. Check 'em out then vote in our poll after the jump.

  • Who Ya Got: Cam Newton or Tim Tebow? [POLL]

    The majority of pro football pundits don't believe in Tim Tebow, but after pulling out another big win in OT against the division rival Chargers, it's hard to deny Jesus Jr's got "it". His passing numbers are way less than stellar but it's his ability to run with the ball that keeps the Mile High guys in the W column. On the flip side of the coin, you have Cam Newton, who's putting up ridiculous record-breaking numbers for a rookie QB but only has a 3-8 record to show for it. So, who would you rather have at QB - Tim or Cam? Check out each player's highlights then vote in our poll after the jump pass.

  • Circus Catch Surplus, David Nelson’s GF Gift, Tebow Being Tebow [NFL WEEK 10]

    In this week’s version of NFL Upon Further Review, we have enough circus catches to put Barnum and Bailey to shame, Tim Tebow looks ugly in another W, we learn to never ever kick the ball to Devin Hester under any situation, the Lions and Bears get a little feisty after an interception and Bills wideout David Nelson celebrates a TD with his gf. Check out the full recap along with a preview of tonight's game after the jump.

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why People Hate Tim Tebow

    For the legion of Tim Tebow maniacs/supporters out there, this is probably not the post for you. In this trip into Tim Tebow haterdom, we will take an honest look into the top five reasons why people would possibly hate Denver Broncos quarterback and all-world human being, Tim Tebow. Some of the reasons might be obvious, some might be petty, and some might challenge the basis of reality. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the top five reasons why people hate Tim Tebow.

  • The 8 Types of People Who Need Corrupting

    There will always be those people out there that are just too good to be true. They'll make you look bad just because they're that innocent. More often than not, they just make me nauseous, but every so often they're trying to cover up the absolute evil within. With me, you know where I stand: I'm just a flat-out d*ck. I haven't raped children, nor have I gone around preaching to people that "God hates f*gs" while I secretly attend crystal-meth fueled homosexual orgies. I'm not saying that these 8 types of people have, I'm just saying they need to stop being so uptight. Trust me guys, it's more fun.

  • Tebow Gets Tebowed, Kelce’s Numb Butt, Palomalu Packs a Punch [NFL WEEK 8]

    As the NFL celebrated Halloween weekend, there were definitely some hair-raising moments. The “Birds” blew out the 'Boys, the Rams upset the Saints, Tim Tebow got "Tebowed", Percy Harvin wanted a little Captain off him, Mike Vick's hands aren't noticeable, and Troy Polamalu enjoys punch. Check out the best headlines and highlights from Sunday along with a preview of tonight's MNF game between the Chiefs and Chargers after the jump.

  • NFL Upon Further Review: Week 7 [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

    As we near All Hallow’s Eve, there were plenty of tricks and treats for week 7 of the 2011 NFL season. Cam Newton gave us another clip for his already impressive highlight reel, cursing was en vogue, a Packer got a kick to the cajones, and Tim Tebow led a quick come from behind victory in his first NFL start. Check out the best headlines and highlights from Sunday along with a preview of tonight's MNF game between the Ravens and Jags after the jump.

  • Bart Scott CAN’T WAIT To Sue Tim Tebow [VIDEO]

    So, by now, you've heard the NFL Lockout is over. We would say thank the Lord, but Tim Tebow's already done that about a bajillion times so we're good. We received an email from this agency pointing us to a video they created with some players to promote Madden '12. In the video, Tim Tebow exclaims in his best Bart Scott voice, "Can't wait!" Little does Tebowner know Scott trademarked that 'ish.  Looks like the quarterback will be coughing up greenbacks to the Jets linebacker. That'll teach Timmy to stop quoting people (Jesus is getting pissed, dude). See the video evidence after the jump.

  • Wrap It Up: Age Is Just A Number Edition

    Wrap It Up is our end of the day daily feature in which we showcase the best, weirdest, most buzzworthy pics, videos, and news stories you might've missed on the internet. Today's edition includes a 51 year old marrying a 16 year old, a 21 year old sexting a 12 year old, Paris Hilton becoming single, a girl peeing in a public trough at a Dodgers game, a lacrosse announced droppin' Notorious BIG after a goal, Tim Tebow's five figure sculpture, Grand Theft Auto 5, Batman Arkham City's boy wonder, Lil Wayne's Carter IV, and Lucy Pinder's boob sell the British version of Axe. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump!

  • Orange Gator Found In Florida

    he AP reports an orange alligator photographed in South Florida is raising questions about its bizarre pigment. The picture ran on TV Wednesday and caused quite the buzz. Experts say the color isn't genetic and believe the gator was somehow covered in paint or an orange substance. If this is a paint job, how big a fan are you? Read more after the jump!

  • COED’s Guide To Upcoming NCAA College Championships

    March Madness is right around the corner but NCAA basketball isn't the only sport crowning it's champions in the next few months. Here is a complete guide to the upcoming NCAA college championships.

  • The Downfall of Notre Dame Explained with Pictures

    College football WAGS are pretty well documented here at COED. We've featured the mysterious Tebow girl numerous times and we were the first to discover Colt McCoy's girlfriend Rachel Glandorf in 2008. One thing that all these top winning quarterbacks have in common are sexy leading ladies. Maybe the root of ND's troubles stems from the level of sexiness supporting the team.

  • Who’s Your Vote For Heisman 2009?

    In the final USA TODAY Heisman Watch poll Alabama's Mark Ingram, who would be the third consecutive sophomore to win the award, surged from fourth to first after his impressive, three-touchdown performance in the SEC title game against Florida while Gators quarterback Tim Tebow fell from first place to fifth after struggling in the loss to the Crimson Tide. The five finalist for the 2009 Heisman Award have been announced so it's time to vote!