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  • 210 WTF Tattoos WTF

    210 WTF Tattoos

    Lots of people get drunk, but it takes a special kind of idiot to get a tattoo during that special time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that the guy who stumbles into a tattoo parlor exists - they fuel my blog fire. All I'm saying is that there's definitely a feeling a regret, no matter how much they try to pull that sh*t off. Mustache on your finger? Yeah that's a mistake (even though technically when you finger a chick you're giving her a mustache ride). Honor these idiots and their brazen ideas by checking out the checking out their WTF tats below.

  • 210 MORE ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos WTF

    210 MORE ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos

    You get drunk, you stumble into a tattoo parlor, and you request the FUNNIEST or most BAD-ASS ink job anyone's ever conceived. You do realize this isn't a permanent marker, right? You realize the removal is just as expensive as the application? I mean, we even showed you 210 WTF Were They Thinking Tattoos last year and you STILL went out and got Bert and Ernie sodomizing Frank the Tank from Old School. So, in an effort to stop the madness, we've collected 210 MORE WTF Were They Thinking tattoo pics. You're welcome!

  • 210 More ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos-Gallery

    210 More ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos-Gallery


  • 210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos Culture

    210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos

    These days, it seems as though everyone, from your professor to your little sister, has a tattoo. And some of them aren’t half bad. But if the Internet is evidence of anything, there are a hell of a lot more hilariously horrible tattoos out there than anyone would like to admit. So we made it our duty to scour for all the worst pictures the Internet has to off, giving you hundreds of examples of what not to get as your next tat.