Jul 18, 2017

Google Glass Enterprise Edition: Pricing, Features, Partners & Must-See Details

Google’s moonshot branch, Alphabet X, announced plans to continue some business applications of Google Glass’s Enterprise Edition. Only available through...

Jun 26, 2017

A New Bike-Sharing App, Dropbike, Launches At University of Toronto

Dropbike, a bike-rental application that can be downloaded on the phone, is erupting as one of the more popular ways...

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Mar 16, 2017

Google Says Computers Will Be In Our Brains By 2029

I’ve been very vocal about my distaste for how quickly technology is advancing — specifically, self-driving cars. Why we want...

Sep 28, 2015

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Quit Whining, Apparently No One Else Does Either, Says New Study

According to a study by mattress company Naturalmat, found that millions of people get five or less hours of sleep...