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  • Miss COED: Tashia McIntosh Miss COED

    Miss COED: Tashia McIntosh

    The camera loves 24 year-old blonde bombshell Tashia McIntosh and we think we know why. This Valencia, CA native has a killer smile and a body to die for... and if it's our time, this is certainly the way we want to go. Tashia has made quite a go as swimsuit model for the likes of B swimwear and Dolce & Gabana and can be seen on HBO's hit show Entourage.

  • Tashia McIntosh is Today’s Daily Snapshot Girls

    Tashia McIntosh is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Twenty-four-year-old blond hottie Tashia McIntosh is one of those girl-nextdoor types that's so sexy, you just can't stop looking at her. Not that you'd want to, anyway. She's been in the pages of Maxim and modeled for companies like Ed Hardy, and pretty much seems to be in a bikini at all times. Again, we're not complaining. We're just pointing out a good thing when we see it.