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  • Syfy’s “STONADOS” Thrills Us With Dominika Juillet

    [28 pics!] Syfy's Stonados offers otherworldly storms--and the otherworldly beauty of Dominika Juillet!

  • Claire Sinclair on “Naked Vegas” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    [42 pics!] Playboy's wildest pin-up girl gets done up in body paint on Naked Vegas--and here's why she's so comfortable with it!


    [55 pics!] We're in a spin as Sharknado star Cassie Scerbo returns to Syfy in Beast of the Bering Sea--and try bearing her wild Twitpics!

  • Happy Birthday, Corin Nemec: Syfy’s Man of Action [VIDEOS]

    It's the 42nd birthday of the Syfy Network's biggest star--and we look at some of his wildest movies!

  • Syfy Shocker: Three-Breasted Actress Kaitlyn Leeb Rocks Saturday Night

    [30 pics!] Get ready for Kaitlyn Leeb with our gallery of her greatest hits--from her three-breasted hooker in Total Recall to her lesbian loving in Wrong Turn 4!

  • Magda Apanowicz On Continuum [See Her Tonight]

    End the week on a high note by tuning in to gaze at the gorgeous Magda Apanowicz on an all new Continuum.

  • She Her Tonight [Allison Scagliotti On WAREHOUSE 13]

    Cure the case of the Mondays by tuning in to gaze at the beautiful Allison Scagliotti on an all new Warehouse 13.

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    8 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [June 3rd - June 6th]

    You may have spent your weekend drinking the Playboy Mansion’s entire stock of 20-year-old scotch and puking yo…

  • See Her Tonight [Angel Coulby On MERLIN]

    Angel Coulby on Merlin (10 PM EST, SyFy) Spend your Friday night wisely by gazing at the beautiful Angel Coulby on an all n…

  • See Her Tonight [Anna Silk On LOST GIRL]

    Anna Silk on Lost Girl (10 PM EST, SyFy) Need a cure for the dreaded case of the Mondays? Look no further then simply gazing…

  • Rachel Nichols: Time Traveler, Cop, Perfect Ten. [PHOTOS]

    If you haven’t heard of Rachel Nichols, you must be new to this blog.…

  • Katriina Isberg [See Her Tonight on HAVEN]

    14 pics + video! We haven't really been following Haven on the Syfy Channel. We're not even sure what the significance is of Katriina Isberg showing up tonight as "Lady Justice." We just know this role caps the Canadian babe's busy first year as a working actress--and we've got a gallery that shows off why it's no surprise that Katriina is making it big...

  • Summer Glau [See Her Tonight on ALPHAS]

    35 pics! We just saw an article about Geek Goddesses that didn't include Summer Glau. She must've been retired to the Hall of Fame. Still, true geeks are thrilled to see Summer in a (hopefully) recurring role on the Syfy drama Alphas. She's built a career on quickly-canceled cult shows, but these pics show off a sex symbol for all seasons....

  • Yancy Butler [See Her Tonight in SHARK WEEK]

    Yancy Butler in Shark Week (9 pm EST, Syfy) She didn’t get the attention of a wreck like Lindsay Lohan, but Yancy Bu…

  • Zoie Palmer [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

    Zoie Palmer on Lost Girl (10 pm EST, Syfy) We’ve saluted the amazing Anna Silk as the star of Lost Girl, and now we&#…

  • Gina Holden [See Her Tonight in THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT]

    25 pics! There's something different on Syfy tonight, as the network presents a remake of the 1984 time-travel movie The Philadelphia Experiment. That's fun and geeky. The idea gets hot and geeky, however, with Gina Holden in the cast. Gina has won over lots of guys with her roles in fantasy and horror films, and we've got pics that'l get you fantasizing...

  • Azita Ghanizada [See Her Tonight on ALPHAS]

    32 pics! It's a new season of Alphas tonight, with Azita Ghanizada returning as the super-powered Rachel Pirzad--whose super-senses mean she can easily lose control in a romantic encounter, and is really phobic about germs and viruses. That's a total dream gal to us--and we've got pics that prove Azita is pretty super herself!

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    21 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [July 3--8]

    Is a national holiday enough to make sure a week doesn't suck? No. It is not. A national holiday like the Fourth of July is certainly good, but that's not the only thing getting COED employees through another week. We also need classic grindhouse sexploitation, and some good new metal and pop and hip-hop albums, along with a UFC championship and major-league poker playing. Good thing we have all that--and we want to share the stuff that keeps us going...

  • 22 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [June 25--July 1]

    Summer’s here, which means hot weather and going to the beach and hanging out with friends. It can also mean downl…

  • Anna Silk [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

    21 pics! Tonight on Lost Girl, Bo goes undercover in a strip joint! That's pretty important, since bisexual Bo is a sexy succubus played by the amazing Anna Silk. She's the reason that this supernatural Canadian series became one of the planet's most illegally-downloaded shows. Fortunately, Anna's knack for bold roles is matched by her willing to pose for wild photo shoots. Check out these pics that will get you heading to the True North!

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    Nick Kroll, Archer, and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid [TV This Week]

    Oh, television, thou art a cruel mistress. Thou hast bestowed upon us a plethora of viewing options. In other words, there is lots on this week. Here's what we're anticipating. What are you waxing poetic about? Check out what's on the boob tube this week after the jump!

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    The Return of Tosh, Serious Sports, and Funny Sports [TV THIS WEEK]

    The week ahead will bring you plenty of TV action. Reality, comedy, drama, and horror are all in store for this week. Here…

  • TV This Week: Dexter Finale, Video Game Awards, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

    Christmas is fast approaching, bringing with it countless special Christmas episode and season finales. And letR…

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    TV This Week:Dinosaurs, Cars, and BACON!

    You'd think that there would be less on TV with Thanksgiving on the horizon. But TV does not submit to any holiday! This list will NOT, however, include the much anticipated finale of Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday night on ABC) because it is Coed's policy not to incite violence.

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    TV This Week: Sexpos, Comedy, and Action

    There are great things in store this week. Learn how to dodge the government, watch a sex expo, or get a first look at Ameri…

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    TV This Week: Cheerleaders, Ghosts, and Mad Men

    It’s another big week, guys. The big thing this week? Mad Men finale. However, there are still plenty of other com…

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    TV This Week: Of Dogs and Wolves

    This week is jam-packed with awesome reality show premieres. Like watching people get scared? Scare Tactics has you covered. Enjoy criminals getting their just desserts? Dog the Bounty Hunter and Steven Seagal Lawman have your back. Relish quiet time by the fireplace reading Kate Gosselin's I Just Want You to Know? See a psychiatrist. Anyway, here's what we're looking forward to in the week ahead. What do you have planned for your primetime?

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    TV This Week: Premieres, Finales, and Specials: September 7th

    HBO is rolling out its finales this week, so brace yourself for a busy night on Sunday! But HBO isn't the only game in town this week. There are many other delightful premieres and finales scheduled, so tune in for a jam-packed week of awesomeness.

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    TV This Week: Weeds, Cancer, and Victorian-Era Erotica

    Another week, another Weeds. This week will bring you the return of the popular series, as well as several other enticing premieres. Tune in and get your fill!

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    TV This Week: Syfy and USA Premieres Galore

    USA and Syfy are rolling out plenty of new shows this week. While USA and Syfy dominate this week's schedule, there are still plenty of other goodies, too. So check out what this week has to offer!

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    TV This Week: Bikinis, Big Brother, and the Paranormal

    Just when you think there could not possibly be anything new on TV, the networks come along and give us this week's schedule. With premieres galore, this week's television schedule is bound to tickle your fancy. Particularly if you happen to have an inexplicable fondness for Science Fiction and the paranormal...

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    TV This Week: Premieres, Finales, and Specials: June 28th

    There's always something good on TV, and this week proves no different. With several premieres, finales, and specials, you're sure to find enough to keep you comfortably entertained.

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    TV This Week: Death Worms, Dudesons, and Bear Grylls

    A lot of your favorites are new this week. Lost, V, Modern family, Castle, House, FlashForward, 24, Big Bang Theory, American Idol, NCIS, Glee, Survivor, CSI, Fringe, Bones, The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy and countless others are new this week. But why not have a look at these other little gems you may not have noticed?

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    TV This Week: Party Premiere, Aliens, and America

    This week brings us some exciting television viewing opportunities. Chock full of season and series premiere, finales, and fabulous specials, this week is sure to deliver some awesome options for your viewing pleasure.