Mar 16, 2017

Bring These Adidas Sunglasses On Spring Break & Look Baller AF

Spring break is (finally) upon us, so it’s time to gather your belongings and hit the beach. The only thing...

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May 20, 2013

Justin Bieber Gives The Most Amazing, Inspirational Acceptance Speech At The Billboard Music Awards [VIDEO]

Just kidding. He took the opportunity to talk about how great he is without even taking off his sunglasses. Because...

Oct 25, 2012

Here’s 54 Seconds Of A Woman Mistaking A Pair Of Sunglasses For A Shoe [VIDEO]

The reason she can’t get the sunglasses on is because she has a shoe over her eyes....

Dec 22, 2011

Drunk Australian Accuses Skaters Of Stealing Then Fight Breaks Out [VIDEO]

Here's the deal because you might not be able to describe what these people are saying between all the drunkenness, children crying, and use of the word '"c*nt:" the shirtless drunkard is accusing the skater punks of stealing his red Oakleys. I'm not going to get into why he owns a pair of red Oakleys, but after a verbal confrontation and the arrival of the drunk's wife/kid, they turn to leave. The skater punks then throw something at their backs as their walking away, and that's when the shirtless guy loses it. I'll leave you guys to watch the rest. Enjoy yourselves after the jump

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Jun 27, 2011

38 Sexy Sunglasses and Handbra Combos for Sunglasses Day [PHOTOS]

June 27th is Sunglasses Day, a day in which everyone's encouraged to sport creepers. Sunglasses are a perfect example of fashion meeting function. They shield one's eyes from harmful UV rays and diminish the chances of crow's feet, but they also look pretty bad-ass and can make girls with f***ed up eyes and questionable noses look like supermodels. One could say handbras are just like shades, they shield peepers from seeing nips and they look hot as hell. We salute both in a gallery that's so bright you might have to break out the Ray-Bans. Check it out after the jump.

How to Pick Up Girls by Pretending to be a Pro Surfer

So pretending to be a minor league baseball player isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re searching for a new gimmick to pick up some girls while lying around on the beach. Posing as a professional surfer is not only easy, but incredibly effective, as nearly everyone’s impressed by someone’s ability to masterfully carve up the ocean. Grab your towel, sunglasses, and a board, because it’s time to go hunting for chicks... and waves to ride.

Oct 9, 2010

7 Ways to Keep the Summer Spirit Alive

Despite your best efforts to ignore the chill as you stand on your porch choking down an ice cold one in your shorts and wife-beater, you can't deny it: summer's done. The Labor Day weekend parades compose the siren song of school bells, cold weather, and--saddest of all--miniskirts with leggings underneath instead of nothing. Harsh times. Fortunately, the temperature is the only thing that has to drop, as you can keep the summer spirit up with these mildly delusional suggestions.

The 5 People You’ll See at the Pool This Summer

The summer is exemplified by a lot of things: sweet flicks, warm weather, bright colors, butt-ugly feet in open-toed shoes and, of course, visits to the local swimming pool. And since we're all about educating the masses here at COED, I thought it'd be nice to inform you all about the types of people you'll run into at the pool this summer.

Jun 22, 2010

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Mar 22, 2009

Time For A Spring Shade Upgrade

Spring is here, and it’s time to upgrade to a nice new pair of sunglasses for the upcoming warm months....

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Dec 3, 2007

High-Five Hollywood!

This time, the montage is in L.A.: HIGH-FIVE HOLLYWOOD! on (Video courtesy of Funny Or Die)...