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    There once was a young lass named Orla, who came from Ireland to make movies.…

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  • Dead Leprechaun Spotted On NYC Rooftop [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]

    Drinking's awesome. Hangovers aren't. Are hangovers worth it? Considering everyone continues to drink I'd say yes. But, people take drinking to a whole 'nother level on St. Patrick's Day. We lose wallets, keys, cameras, our minds, and our pride. Some even lose THEIR LIVES. Just ask the leprechaun on this rooftop. Well, you won't get an answer out of him because he recently kicked the bucket of gold. Okay, so maybe he's not dead but if he isn't that's one helluva nap. The mini-hotel must've been booked. See the pics after the jump!

  • Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny St. Patrick’s Day Green Bikinis [46 PHOTOS]

    St. Patrick's Day is finally here and that means Spring is just around the corner. So we thought there'd be nothing better than seeing a bunch of young women celebrating both the booziest holiday of all-time and rising thermometers in their luckiest bikinis. Why are they lucky? Well, they're all green and none of them resulted in a FAIL. As we pointed out previously, there are a ton of different bikini styles out there, but maybe we could add one more to the list: The Shamrockini? Just a thought. Enjoy our photo gallery then take a gander at the brave women of our Erin Go Bra-less feature.

  • TV

    The 10 Best Drunks on Television [POLL]

    Well, folks, it looks like Drunk Christmas is almost upon us - and by that we mean St. Patrick's Day! With the smell of finely brewed ale, vomit and dead leprechaun soon to fill the air, we at COED got to thinking about TV characters that drove us to drink in the first place; the figures we'd most like to knock back a few brewskis with. Whether they're animated or not, these lads and lasses could probably drink us under the table any day of the week and we wouldn't mind in the least!

  • 7 St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Beers Sure To Open Your Irish Eyes

    The parades are scheduled, everyone’s decked out in green, and from coast to coast we’re all preparing to celebrate the annual Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. As hoards of people flock out to their annual events, the beer begins to flow earlier than usual, with some bars starting to serve at hours usually reserved for a warm cup of coffee or a brisk morning jog. As you stare bleary eyed at the liquor store shelves, keep your eyes peeled for one of these ideal morning brews which will awaken your taste buds and get the morning started right.

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  • Remembering Bud Light’s “World’s Largest Pool Party” [138 Photos]

    Last March, Bud Light threw the "World's Largest Pool Party" at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. It was an epic 4 day event- one for the record books during the biggest party week of the year (March Madness, Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day) - it was a trifecta of nastiness and lucky for you we were there to capture all the action.

  • Erin Go Bra-less [40 PHOTOS]

    March is Irish American Month and is host to St. Patrick's Day. One of the most popular phrases to shout on said day is, "Erin Go Bragh", which is Spanish for "whale's vagina". I kid, the actual meaning is loosely translated to "Ireland Forever" or the less frequent variation that I prefer, "Irish 'til Doomsday". "Bragh" can be pronounced like "bra" and if you're fratty enough, "brah". With Spring in the air, temperatures warming, and women shedding layers of clothing, we thought we'd celebrate Irish pride with a photo gallery of girls going braless. They'll have your Irish eyes smiling.

  • South By Sexy Women: The Girls of SXSW [72 Photos]

    If Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day, and the Final Four aren't enough to convince you that March is the sexiest of months, then the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas should do the trick. It's a no-brainer... where there are bands, there are beautiful girls and where there are 1000's of bands... well you see where I'm going with this.

  • 11 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks to Get Your Irish On

    Every year, people pack into bars and house parties to celebrate Saint Patrick's day, also known as the biggest national drinking day of the year. If you’re as tired of Miller Lite with green food coloring as we are, give one of these a try. Come on, what would St. Patrick do?

  • Complete Online Guide To St. Patrick’s Day

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! If things are going according to plan, you should already be about 9 beers in to this awesomest holiday. And to help you along with your festivities, we've compiled all the best St. Patty's day content from around the Web - you know, if you're not already too drunk to use the Internet.

  • Sexy St. Patrick’s Day Girls [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Hot colleens for a sexy St. Pat’s!…