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    SNL Shows Us What Hip Hop Stars DId Before They Were Stars [VIDEO]

    Most of you know that last night’s SNL host Drake used to star in the Canadian teenage drama Degrassi. But did you k…

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    Kerry Washington ON SNL: “What Does My Girl Say?” Wins The Show [VIDEO]

    We salute the Saturday Night Live parody that brings real meaning to a novelty song!

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    ‘Boy Dance Party’ With Bruce Willis Is A+ Stuff [SNL SKIT]

    SNL’s still got it! Well, most of the time. We may never again see the glory generations of Bill Murray to Eddie Mur…

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    Katy Perry Roars While Walking on Air on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [Pics + Video]

    [30 pics + video!] Enjoy the action as we look back at Katy shaking up Saturday Night Live with sexy takes on "Walking on Air" and "Roar!"

  • Prepare For Katy Perry’s SNL Performance Tonight With These Photos [Photos + Video]

    Katy Perry will be the musical guest on tonight’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” As you can see f…

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    The Forgotten Hosts of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: They Didn’t Twerk

    It's the anniversary of the first Saturday Night Live--hosted by comic legend George Carlin, and followed by some other talents who aren't as legendary...

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    Here’s The Sexiest That Miley Cyrus Got Last Night On SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [Photos + Video]

    Miley Cyrus kept it mostly clean last night on Saturday Night Live--but we have hot pics of the sexy political parody video that you need to see for yourself!

  • Arcade Fire Following SNL Appearance With 30-Minute TV Special

    New season, new cast members and now a new-ish band will be making their big breakout during and after the season premire…

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    SNL Searched Far And Wide For Their 5 New Not-Ready-For-Primetime Players

    Usually new Saturday Night Live stars come from the pipelines of three major cities: New York, Chicago and LA.

  • YouTube Weirdos Cover Justin Timberlake/Kanye Beef [VIDEO]

    The democracy that is YouTube allows for instant coverage of breaking news by…anybody.…

  • Predictions For What Kind Of Video Justin Timberlake Does Tonight On SNL [VIDEO]

    JT is back hosting SNL again for something like the fifth time.…

  • Despite Snowstorm, People Still Waited For Tickets To See Bieber On SNL [VIDEO]

    For some reason, people will risk their lives to be in the same room as Justin Bieber.…

  • The Lonely Island Crew Is So Good, They Can Even Make Adam Levine Funny [VIDEO]

    The Lonely Island guys are back with “YOLO,” a new song and a new music video.…

  • Olivia Wilde: Giving Hope To Men Everywhere [PHOTOS]

    When news broke that model/actress Olivia Wilde got engaged to comic actor Jason Sudeikis, average men the world over g…

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    10 Great Fred Armisen Characters & Sketches [VIDEOS]

    Happy birthday to Fred Armisen. The “Saturday Night Live” stalwart turns 46 years old today. Currently in the middle of…

  • Saturday Night Live Nails The Going Home For Thanksgiving Experience [VIDEO]

    Nothing beats going home for the holidays. Correction: Everything beats going home for the holidays. Seriously, I…

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    If Your Power Was Out This Weekend, You Missed ‘Lincoln’ On SNL [VIDEO]

    So Louis CK hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Here's the best skit from the show. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who doesn't even watch Louis on FX.

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Larry David

    If you’re a fan of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, it goes without saying that you know and love Larry David. If y…

  • Eddie Murphy’s Ice Cream Man Bit [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]

    Before Eddie Murphy was Dr. Dolittle, he was a huge stand up comedy star. In 1983, he released the legendary stand up special, Delirious. The 70-minute show, filmed at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., featured Murphy's classic "Ice Cream Man" bit. The routine was funny then - and it's funny now.