• See Her Tonight [Jenny Slate On HOUSE OF LIES]

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  • See Her Tonight [Madeline Zima On CALIFORNIACATION]

    End the weekend on a high note by checking out the beauty that is Madeline Zima on an all new Californiacation. Madeline plays...

  • See Her Tonight [Lili Simmons On BANSHEE]

    End the work week on the most positive note possible by checking out the beauty that is Lili Simmons on the new hit show, Banshee.

  • Hannah Townsend [See Her Tonight on DEXTER]

    Hannah Townsend on Dexter (9 pm EST, Showtime) We’re pretty sure that Dexter is trying to kill us. Not the actual g…

  • Aimee Garcia [See Her Tonight on DEXTER]

    21 pics! The official cliffhanger for the new season of Dexter was the good-guy serial killer getting discovered by his cop sister. The real cliffhanger was waiting to see if Aimee Garcia was going to return as Dexter's nanny. We're happy to announce that Aimee is back among the murdering in Miami, so tune in tonight--but first check out these pics that'll make you glad to be alive...

  • Morena Baccarin Of HOMELAND Is A Total Sex-Bomb [PHOTOS]

    There are two reasons why I’m looking forward to the return of Homeland this Sunday–and they both involve…

  • Meital Dohan [See Her Tonight on WEEDS]

    25 pics + video! Tonight's the 100th episode of Weeds, and the next-to-last episode to ever air. That's no great loss. The show should've wrapped up its pot-dealing plotlines several years ago. We will, however, miss Meital Dohan, who's livened up with this final season with her kinky character. Check out this Israeli beauty's hot pics, plus a really wild video for her dance hit "Yummy"...

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    Sara Bettencourt: THE REAL L WORD Star’s Real Lesbian World! [60 LESBIANIC PICS!]

    It’s a new season of The Real L Word on Showtime tonight, and the lesbianism gets even lovelier as Sara Bettencour…

  • Susan Sarandon [See Her Tonight on THE BIG C]

    It’s Mother’s Day, so celebrate by watching one of Hollywood’s hottest MILFs. Susan Sarandon has had a recurring role throughout this season of Showtime’s The Big C, and we can’t think of a better way to bring in some ratings. Check out some pics of the bountiful beauty that’s made Susan a sex symbol for generations!

  • Dawn Olivieri Lights Up House of Lies [18 PHOTOS]

    Now that Homeland is over with, the new obsession that everyone can’t stop talking about is Showtime’s Ho…

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    Weeds Premiere Season 7 Ends With Brooklyn’s Men Single “Who Am I to Feel So Free” [VIDEO]

    After jumping the shark a few seasons back, season 7 of Showtime's staple hit series "Weeds" kicked off Monday surprisingly simple and straight... A much needed, back to basics approach for the better. I was definitely riding the fence for most of the episode, but was undoubtably won over by the closing outro anthem by Brooklyn band MEN's "Who Am I to Feel So Free". This season's suddenly got a great deal of hope and promise, albeit a few degrees less than Brooklyn's MEN. Big days ahead for this band.

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    The Top 5 Ladies Men On TV Today

    Previously, we brought you the 5 Sexiest Sitcom Stars of All-Time and the 10 Best Bros on Television. Now, not all the bros on that list could get with those sexy sitcom stars, but THESE 5 fictional ladies men of TV Land would definitely get the job done. Take note of their seduction methods and watch your Q score skyrocket. Who's #1? Find out after the jump!

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    7 Reasons to Watch Dexter

    Showtime's Dexter Morgan (originally Jeff Lindsay's Dexter Morgan of the book series) is quite possible the greatest fictional character in today's media. If you're into vigilante serial killers, anyway. Blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide by day, practiced death dealer by night--you really don't want to mess with this guy. Need seven more reasons why you should be watching?

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    The Hottest Fornicators Of Californication Season 3

    As many of you fornicators know, not one single NEW episode of Californication aired in 2010. Luckily, the third season (2009) released on DVD November 9th. To celebrate, COED highlights the hottest women to fornicate (or at least to make US want to fornicate) in Season 3. We featured Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri in a photo gallery last October, broke news about Duchovny's not so ironic admission to sex addiction (who wouldn't be after being on this show?), and Madeline Zima's appearance in FHM. We sure hope this dude uses protection!

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    TV This Week: A Mixed Bag of Awesome

    This week's TV schedule brings you comedy, reality, and hard time. So open up your mixed bag of awesome and see what's in store!

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    TV This Week: Weeds, Cancer, and Victorian-Era Erotica

    Another week, another Weeds. This week will bring you the return of the popular series, as well as several other enticing premieres. Tune in and get your fill!

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    TV This Week: Party Premiere, Aliens, and America

    This week brings us some exciting television viewing opportunities. Chock full of season and series premiere, finales, and fabulous specials, this week is sure to deliver some awesome options for your viewing pleasure.

  • G4 Babe Battle: Eva Amurri vs Olivia Munn

    Tonight, G4 fans will be treated to a special treat - actress, Eva Amurri (and her perfect tatas) will be filling in for Attack of the Show regular, Olivia Munn. But after seeing the recent video of Eva stripping off pretty much everything on "Californication," we're sure AOTS fans will have their horny geekdom satisfied. But this begs the question, Who's the sexier G4 babe?

  • Californication’s Eva Amurri [Gallery]

    Hot snapshots of Californication’s beautiful Eva Amurri.…

  • Gina Carano Vs. Cristiane Cyborg Full Fight [VIDEO]

    Saturday night, "The Face of Women's MMA" Gina Carano got her face pummeled and clock cleaned in a brutal one round slug fest against Brazilian tough girl Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. In a controversial decision in literally the last second of the first round, the referee called the fight as Carano absorbed a series of hard hits to the face and head. Cyborg's victory makes her the first ever women's MMA champion.

  • Jenn Brown Might Be the New Hottest Sportscaster

    You’ve probably never heard of Jenn Brown until today (we hadn’t), but this former freelance sportscast…